We have established in 2002 with 2 web app products. With more than 1,500 customers, Vidyalaya is a leading School Management Software and OccuCare is a prominent Occupational Health & Safety Management Software now. In 2012, we have expanded our operations to provide bespoke web and mobile app services. Since then we have created hundreds of websites and more than 50 mobile apps. Some of them are placed underneath.

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Vidyalaya - School Management Software
Vidyalaya provides the complete suite of school management to manage the entire campus operations and administration...
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OccuCare - Occupational Health & Safety Software
At OccuCare we redesign the idea for the betterment with the features of comprehensive functionality, & also to gain efficiency...
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Tirupati School
We provide a path towards success and growth with ethics of history. We provided value based life skills and helped them developed their activities...
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Ultravision School
We strive for high-quality English curriculum which helps to promote confidence, critical thinking, skills leading to the development...
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Vidyalaya School Management Software is now with smarter technology solutions on your palm..! - A Vidyalaya Mobile App...
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Adani Emcare
Adani EmCare is wellnesss tracker for employee. It track and analyse employee data from Pre employeement to retirement. Provide various diagnosis specific notifications.