Top 3 PHP Frameworks for Web Development

Top 3 PHP Frameworks for Web Development

In today’s world of marketing and digitization, where the emphasis has led totally on getting things converted to a digital platform and making things automated, very few people would be unaware of how websites and app development has become the basic requirement of any business. According to the observations, it’s believed that nearly all the businesses are getting things done through developing their websites and sometimes applications.

Now when it comes to the web development world, the most known name that comes to mind other than HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JS, jQuery, etc is PHP. PHP for a very long time has been promoting its name in the digitization world for developing customized, attractive and user-friendly websites. Also, the integrations of PHP like WordPress make it very easy even for a lame person to develop his/her website as per their desired customizations.

Let’s not forget the architect of this platform or let’s say the reason behind the popularity of this framework that makes it one of the most important considerations for development by the programmers. Yes, the frameworks. Here are some top PHP development frameworks that are most probably chosen by the developers for developing attractive websites.

1. Laravel

When the topic is about the PHP framework it is impossible to neglect Laravel development, as it has been used very often by developers due to many reasons such as handling complex web applications, easy code, and enriched with additional security, also no one can forget the speed it provides as compared to other frameworks, making the framework more efficient. Over and above these, Laravel development becomes the center of attraction for developers also because of these parameters:

2. CodeIgniter

Another framework that cannot remain un-noticeable when it comes to PHP frameworks is the CodeIgniter framework. CodeIgniter development becomes a considerable option for developers because of its nature i.e. lightweight, easy installation with most minimum configuration requirements. It is simple, but this does not at all mean that it is not powerful. CodeIgniter would hardly be 2MB in size and within this, it also includes the documentation. Besides these, some of the major advantages are:

3. CakePHP

The CakePHP framework which was almost introduced a decade ago, still is in consideration because of its systems and features that kept changing with modern touches. With every new version introduced, it kept the user base as a priority and hence is a consideration and even is used for developing modern websites and apps too. What proved to be the strawberry on the cake for this CakePHP framework was the latest versions were introduced with improved modularity and an increased ability to create additional standalone libraries. Other than these other inclusions were:


So, these were the top 3 best PHP frameworks that have enhanced with time and somewhere have maintained their popularity by releasing new features or updates in every new version. Based on the requirements it would be easy for you to select any of these PHP development frameworks for your PHP web development. Every framework is designed and updated according to its nature and keeping their design in mind. Hope this helps you to select the best suitable PHP framework as per your requirements and if your find the best PHP development service in India then Sapphire Software Solutions is the best place for you.

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