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The process of each business differs based on their domains. The required skill set also changes in the technical as well as business perspective. Domain knowledge helps to add value to your product. With over 17+ years of experience, we are skilled in the standard process of various business fields. That helps us to understand your business needs well, and provide you a better solution based on your niche. We have built many web and mobile apps to the following domains.

Industries We Serve


Since 2002, we have a strong presence in the education field with over 1,500 customers across the world. Our School Management System is one of the leading apps in the education niche.


In addition to 2 mobile apps, we have built 8 websites for 5 customers in Finance and Insurance market niche. Most of these websites are still maintained by us.


One of our UK clients approached us in 2013 for showcasing and selling their processed food items online. Since then we have built 3 websites in this domain.


We created 3 websites and 1 mobile app for Textile Industry. These sites are mainly used to showcase their products and reach out to their intended audience.


We have built about 10 Healthcare apps. Our experience in this field helps to build you competitive solutions for your business.


Starting from 2014, we built two Jewellery websites and one mobile app for our customers. These websites and app are used to showcase their products and selling.


We have built 7 websites and 3 mobile apps for some manufacturing firms. These apps are mainly used to display their products and reach out to their prospective clients.


A few pharmaceutical companies approached us for end-to-end solutions to their business needs. We have built about 4 websites in this niche.


We built 12 custom end-to-end web app solutions for several Real Estate firms. Most of them are still under contract with us for maintenance service.


Some of the IT Companies in the US and UK approached us for building and revamping their websites. We have built about 12 such websites.


Our first project in Tourism and Hospitality was in 2012. Since then we have built 6 websites and 3 mobile apps in this niche and most of them are still maintained by us.

Social Networking

our social networking application development solutions helps you enhance your online presence, reach a wide audience, expand your business network, boost conversion rate as well as improve customer satisfaction.