About Crop Yield Data Management

Client was currently using Microsoft Teams as a place holder for their company information, they use constant contact for email campaigns, QuickBooks for accounting, and would like to add a website with online commerce that will tie all of these pieces together. Seamless calendar integration for the team, as well as the team’s ability to move information to each other and back to the main office digitally.

In Microsoft Teams multiple users where editing the excel file either online or by downloading it on desktop. Some times uploading old version file to Microsoft Teams leads to loss of latest data and it affects business data calculations. Also generating various reports based on available data and sharing with others is difficult on excel so wanted to have data in structured database with required validations



The main challenge for this system to manage the master data from the different excel sheet and based on Master data verify excel data to copy paste in respected SharePoint list for bulk entries. The calculation column of the list will auto calculate based on set formulas and also its gather details from the respective list as well. With help of Power App made screen for easy and required entry only, the calculation columns will auto calculated.

Also implementing data validations in excel is more difficult to maintain like dates values and master data values. Creating various views of existing data in excel is also a challenge.


We have identified the problem that managing the yearly data for Crop Yield is not a better solution when we have many years data together in single excel file. You cannot check quick insights in large excel. It takes time to check or find data in excel.

  • This system helps to resolve the various issues: Accuracy, Consistency, No Reporting, Region Interpretation, No Analytics
  • This system’s database permits to change data integration & tracking SAP / Workflows to enable data validation.
  • This System covers different region wise data analysis of Land fertility and crop production Reporting.
  • This System covers MIS Reporting of yearly production of crop yields .
  • It also demands for shared data for the email campaigns, QuickBooks and website with online commerce to manage data


We have built up it with SharePoint and PowerApps to manage excel row data. For same made form level entry with data verification and validate and formula calculation automate. With the help of PowerApps data filtering and calculation made auto and accurate as expected. Somewhere manage Power Automate to do some process auto on some events auto call. Master data can accessible at multi-level where it required.

The vision was to identify the various crop’s expense and production measurement and we have made it automate using SharePoint and PowerApps.

  • It enables the copy/paste of data from excel to support bulk operations.
  • SharePoint List forms edited with PowerApps to get filter based data and have more validations for user data
  • Power Automate Flows updates data for formula based calculations on dependent lists

Benefits of Crop Yield Data Management

Document Storage

You can store documents in one location so auditors, employees & compliance officers can easily find the documents.

Advanced Search & Reports

ind any documents by keywords or metadata. Get instant reports on current stages, policy features & owners.

Role-Based User Access

Allow the users who need to view a document only to have access, whether they require a permit to view a document or edit it.

Real-Time Dashboards

Get an instant overview of new product launch dates, Phase-in & Phase-out dates, CFNs associated with each regional launch, quick access to insights - by region, & exception reports with action items.

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