About Terraform Timesheet Application

Automation of the company’s HR Process to evaluate and verify working hours of employees on different entities for the specific time intervals, like monthly or any date range between start date and end date. HR team uploads working hours details for all the employees for that period and sends a notification to fill out the working hours entry. All the employees will get mail notification, after employees submits their entry of timesheet, HR team will get the notification. HR Team starts verifying the data and if found any concern or conflict then can raise the query to make corrections for employee. After verifying timesheet entries, the consolidate sheet will be ready with entity wise calculations. After getting confirmation from the HR team, financial team will generate the Invoice process. Invoice will be generated on entity wise and separate files are getting generated and stored at document library with proper directories structures.



The most important challenge is to streamline the manual process and to agree on automate the same process using recommended technology stacks. The process steps has to be identified as automated actions or human actions or background jobs.

  • Main challenge is to make power automate for generate the Invoice in a specific template format with gathering the details from the multiple lists
  • Displaying amount in words inside Invoice sheet is one of the major challenge which is not readily available with the Power App
  • To manage the active date interval during the entire process execution
  • To generate dynamic Invoice file in Power Automate


Manually managing all the employee’s hours entries for all the month is cumbersome one. Also verifying all the entries from the mails are not an easy task. Generating Invoice by consolidating all the employee’s hours entity wise and category wise is not an easy job when process is not automated.

  • This system helps to resolve the various issues: Accuracy, Consistency, No Reporting, team Interpretation.
  • Mapping category with employee and manage the data accordingly during the consolidate process.
  • Individually employee wise also managed the consolidate sheet.
  • Setup mail notification on each event.
  • Identify various roles and related access as well.
  • Saves data entry/maintenance time with precision
  • It ensures data accuracy
  • Notifications addressed at all the points to avoid communication gap
  • Central location for all users to access the application features
  • Can access application from Laptop, Desktop, tab or mobile devices


Created a PowerApps application for explicitly information gathering & storing to SharePoint lists. This application makes the whole process automate and ultimately it saves user’s time and manual effort. Users can easily make entries and HR team can quickly verify the vast data, while excel takes time, so this issue is addressed very well. Invoice generated by Power automate with auto calculation from SharePoint Lists data. SharePoint/Power Apps User Interface Provides Data Entry Validation Benefits

  • It enables the copy/paste of data from excel to support bulk operations.
  • It notifies acceleration or delays upon date(s)
  • Manage audience role wise
  • Common configurations stored at central location
  • Saves data entry/maintenance time
  • It ensures data accuracy
  • Notifications addressed at all the points to avoid communication gap
  • Central location for all users to access the application features
  • Can access application from Laptop, Desktop, tab or mobile devices

Benefits of Terraform Timesheet Application

Document Storage

You can store documents in one location so auditors, employees & compliance officers can easily find the documents.

Advanced Search & Reports

ind any documents by keywords or metadata. Get instant reports on current stages, policy features & owners.

Role-Based User Access

Allow the users who need to view a document only to have access, whether they require a permit to view a document or edit it.

Real-Time Dashboards

Get an instant overview of new product launch dates, Phase-in & Phase-out dates, CFNs associated with each regional launch, quick access to insights - by region, & exception reports with action items.

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