About Zapier Automate System

Automation of company's product release dates for across the regions and PMR cycle management achieved with this enguagment. All the product release dates maangemed inside SharePoint Online Portal. PowerApps leveraged to create App for publishing dates to the management once in a month.

There are two phases of the Product dates - StageIn and Stage Out. Both the stages will help users to search the product which is ready for publishing and at the same time the color code used will help them to identify the products which are delayed in launch. Publish PMR Cycle app helps publish data to management dashboard and to create next cycle data from previous cycle data.



The most important challenge is to automate the process of storing data. The whole independent team effort is now in progress to make the process automate. This effort will focus on gathering all information & high-level details.

  • Eliminate the time of effort in giving progress/update information. All such data is to be store with unique CFN into the SharePoint user management system.
  • Make the data storing process automate & easier to check.
  • Enable another set of dashboards & reports to carry high-level visibility to the process.


We have identified the problem PMR process as it doesn’t differentiate CFNs related to the regional launch. You cannot check quick insights in large excel. It takes time to check or find data in excel.

  • This system covers new product launch dates, phase-out dates, each CFNs related to each regional launch, fast access to insights - by region & exception reports with action items.
  • This system helps to resolve the various issues: Accuracy, Consistency, No Reporting, Region Interpretation, No Analytics, or CFN informationto drive execution and planning.


Created a Power Apps application for explicitly information gathering & storing to SharePoint user management. This application makes the whole process automate which saves users time. Users can easily find data by searching, while excel takes time, so this issue gets resolved in this software. SharePoint/Power BI Apps User Interface Provides Data Entry Validation

  • It enables the copy/paste of data from excel to support bulk operations.
  • It notifies acceleration or delays upon date(s)
  • Customer Facing Number (CFN) in sync w/ SAP Product Master
  • Provides support for SAP Regional Hierarchy structure
  • Saves data entry/maintenance time
  • It ensures data accuracy

Benefits of Zapier Automate System

Document Storage

You can store documents in one location so auditors, employees & compliance officers can easily find the documents.

Advanced Search & Reports

ind any documents by keywords or metadata. Get instant reports on current stages, policy features & owners.

Role-Based User Access

Allow the users who need to view a document only to have access, whether they require a permit to view a document or edit it.

Real-Time Dashboards

Get an instant overview of new product launch dates, Phase-in & Phase-out dates, CFNs associated with each regional launch, quick access to insights - by region, & exception reports with action items.

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