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The competitive advantage of Virtual reality app development is the ability to create immersive experiences on the move. As a result of our exposure to the technology stack and our ability to keep up with the times, we serve customers from all over the world, providing VR App Development Services. Our agile approach to Virtual Reality development focuses on producing the highest quality work within the allotted time frame and in a dynamic setting. VR transforms marketing from storytelling to showcasing digital experiences and allowing people to engage with a brand's items. Get in touch with our Virtual Reality App Development Company which will enable users to connect more meaningfully with brands.


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Delivering cutting-edge VR app development services

Being unique is the only way to survive and grow in this era of fast technological progress. And one method to do this is to provide your consumers with something unique via virtual reality app development and stand out from the competition. By enhancing the client experience, VR apps distinguish a company's presence on the market and fuel its expansion. Start by considering all potential Virtual Reality development strategies, and you'll quickly find that the options are limitless.

Hire our Virtual Reality (VR) App Development Professional to harness the skills of our in-house team, which consists of experienced VR developers, UI/UX design specialists, digital producers, and 3D artists. To unleash the full potential of VR, you will have access to everything that goes into designing an excellent VR application for mobile devices. Obtain cutting-edge VR app development services as your ideas, and our efforts unite the unreal and actual worlds. Hire Virtual Reality App developers and write the next chapter of your company's growth.

The Expertise Of Our Virtual Reality App Developers 

You can Hire VR App Developers on a weekly or monthly basis, depending upon your needs. Take a look at the expertise of our VR app developers: 


VR Integration and Deployment

Want to increase the effectiveness of your app and enhance user performance? We offer Virtual Reality Software Development tailored to unique company requirements. Using VR integration and deployment solutions, you may implement virtual reality in various work-related systems.


3D Walkthroughs

Attract potential consumers and investors with a 3D tour that provides an insight into what the finished project will include. It may assist clients in seeing the items and their attributes while allowing them to control their movement.


Support & Maintenance 

Our virtual reality developers are always available to assist with the maintenance and upkeep of your applications, ensuring that any technical difficulties are fixed swiftly. You may contact our support staff around the clock for application-related issues.


Presentation And Sales

VR is a fantastic tool for firms who wish to advertise their goods with compelling product presentations. We design applications that aid companies in sales training and allow prospective customers to test your items before making a purchase virtually.


VR Game Development

Our game development firm has a formidable team of talented developers specializing in creating top-tier games by combining VR technology to provide a unique user experience that increases your marketing strategy.


VR Event Apps

An interactive VR solution is an excellent method to attract and engage people with your product at a trade fair or corporate event. It provides your consumers with a 360-degree immersive experience and facilitates successful communication.

Brief About our Virtual Reality App Development Services

Immersive VR experiences for enhanced user engagement 

Businesses whose primary concentration is the creation of tangible goods must use virtual rooms. These rooms may be used to increase the efficiency of the teams. VR Mobile App Development enables users to engage digitally with a product and evaluate it before actually touching and feeling it

Benefits of our VR app development services:
  • Enhances Business Efficiency
  • Unbeatable Virtual Experience
  • Improved User Engagement
  • Enhanced Brand Loyalty
  • Mobility
  • Enhanced Mode of Communication.

As a VR app development company, we provide your VR app development project with all it needs, including development, design, and testing, to contribute to company growth.

Business Friendly Hiring Models

We offer three different types of hiring models that are designed to suit your diverse needs and budget. Take a look at our hiring models:


Fixed Price

If you represent a company with a project that needs dedicated attention, ask about dedicated teams. It’s a pay- as-you-go monthly rolling contract.


Optimal flexibility


Agile team


Small projects


Complete control over budget


Time Material

If you represent a company with undefined projects and need ongoing work, ask about hourly. It’s a pay-as- you-go hour-wise rolling contract.


No hidden costs


Requirement based working hours


Monthly billing


Pay only for measurable work


Dedicated Team

If you represent a company with a project that needs dedicated attention, ask about dedicated teams. It’s a pay- as-you-go monthly rolling contract.


No hidden costs


160 hours of assured work


Monthly billing


Pay only for measurable work

Comparative Analysis

We provide tailored, robust, scalable and secure Android development solutions that delight users and deliver engagement.

Sapphire Software
In-House Freelance
Time to get right developers 1 day - 2 weeks 4 - 12 weeks 1 - 12 weeks
Time to start a project 1 day - 2 weeks 2 - 10 weeks 1 - 10 weeks
Recurring cost of training & benefits - $10,000 - $25,000 -
Time to scale size of team 48 hours - 1 week 4 - 16 weeks 1 - 12 weeks
Pricing (weekly average) 1.5X 2X 1X
Project failure risk Extremely low, we have 98% success ratio Low Very High
Developers backed by a delivery team Yes Some No
Dedicated resources Yes - Some
Quality Guarantee Yes High High
Assured work rigor Yes Some No
Tools and professional environment Yes High Uncertain

Process We Follow


Requirement Gathering

Focus would be on documentation first for clarity and better understanding from both sides and come to the same page.


Designs, Wireframes, & Mockups

We help our clients to create an interactive and wonder to watch UI designs that describes user-friendly flow of web/app/platform.


Prototype Demo

After finalizing and designs approval, we freeze the scope and help our client with demo or prototype to have a look and feel of the app/web/platform.


Changes And Confirmation

Clients can feel free to add and mention the required changes as per expectations they need in the exisiting platform. We'll proceed with client's confirmation on the same.



With client approval, we start the development with the technologies best suited for you, and deliver you results in the timeframe as committed by our technical team.



We are open to help our clients with final testing, UAT, training, and final deployment of the source code, and launching in client's platform.


Support And Maintenance

We provide free service and support as per decided terms in our agreement. We also provide packages further monthly or yearly based on your requirement



We are open to help our clients for promoting their businesses/products with providing complimentery SEO services, providing them a help hand to market their product/business.

Technology Stack

We use the latest Virtual Reality App Development Services technology and process to make sure we deliver the best. Have a look at our technology stack:



- .NET

- Java


- Node

- Ruby on Rails


Front End

- Java

- RxJava

- Coroutines Kotlin

- Kotlin

- RxKotlin



- SQLite

- CoreData

- Realm

- Firebase




- GitHub Actions



- Appium

- BrowserStack

- Katalon Test Studio


Project Management Tools

- Jira

- Slack

- Microsoft Teams

- Trello

Why Hire From Us?

As a firm specializing in the development of Virtual Reality applications, we devote daily efforts to the creation of industry-leading brilliance.


Years Experience


Satisfied Clients


Projects Completed


IT Professional


Client Retention

Frequently Asked Questions

We listen to query and provide solutions that captivate users. Feel free to contact us in case of any query which is not mention below.

The immersive computer-simulated world of virtual reality. Several video game firms have already introduced this technology, which puts the user in the driver's seat. It allows the user to experience the virtual world while in the real world. In addition, virtual reality is connected to individuals via various gadgets.

It is cutting-edge technology in space exploration, architecture, and medicine. It is geared to handle ground-breaking findings in a variety of fields. The advantages of virtual reality development are scalable in several directions and will be extensively employed to teach staff, particularly in demanding circumstances where virtual reality simulators are used.

Virtual Reality (VR) provides fully immersive virtual settings, while Augmented Reality (AR) augments the actual world. AR allows interaction with real-world things without their replacement. Conversely, VR lets you experience the environment virtually by covering your whole field of view.

What Sets Us Apart As Virtual Reality App Development ?

Being unique is our quality! Sapphire Solutions believe in the things that give us an edge over our competitors. We are renowned software and mobile application development organization serving customers with end-to-end support. Our Idealization, feasibility assessment of the entire software development process stands us one level up the competitors.


Total customized and customer-centric engagement models facilitating hourly or fixed rate hiring of developers.

100% Transparency

100% transparency policy to keep our client and our team on the same page.

Experienced Developers

Our team of capable and experienced developers handle your unique business needs efficiently and have working experience in versatile domains.

Timely Delivery

We value the time and are particular about timely deliveries by following the highest quality standards.

Technical Support

Ask any technical query and get it solved by our expert technical support staff! With fruitful interaction, get the best possible solutions for your problems from our consultation and support team.

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What Our Clients Say



Florida, USA

This is my second project with this team and they are awesome in what they do.. I came back them with suggestions /changes to the output and they were able to knock the work well in time.. I would love to work with them again.


Carmen Dumascu

Toronto ,Canada

I have had very good experience with the team. They definitely have the right skill in house, I would definitely recommend them for future .NET projects. Hope to get back to them with more work Cheers!


Saichand Mekala

Albama ,USA

This is my second project with this team and they are awesome in what they do.. I came back them with suggestions /changes to the output and they were able to knock the work well in time.. I would love to work with them again.


Arjun Aileeni

Ohio ,USA

****FIVE STARS****
He is very talented and the work is completed on time and he explained it very well. He used latest technologies to complete the task. I am ready to offer him more tasks in future.


Praveen Gami

Riyadh ,Saudi Arabia

I appreciate the work quality and deadline adherence of Sapphire Team to finish agreed project work on time and with quality.

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