5 Best Useful Kotlin Features for Android App Development

by Parth Patel 7 min read

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5 best useful kotlin features (android app development)

Java is considered the brain of the Android operating system. The useful Kotlin features are used by companies to deliver android app development services. Kotlin is a programming language for Android development that is a better and more efficient alternative to Java.

Even now, the Kotlin controversy is raging in the Android community. This is why we’ll go through the five most important aspects of Kotlin.

Advantages of Kotlin Over Java

The Kotlin programming language has come to solve a wide range of Java problems. While Java will not vanish into thin air anytime soon, Kotlin will continue to dominate the Android App Development Services in the coming years.

Let’s have a look at the major areas where Kotlin outperforms Java.

1. Kotlin includes several Java-compatible tools and frameworks.

2. As a programming language, Kotlin is more straightforward and concise than Java.

3. Why When compared to Java, Kotlin helps reduce code and mistakes.

4. Unlike Java, Kotlin comes with a sophisticated compiler that can check for errors both at build and runtime.

1. Effectiveness

Kotlin is a programming language that has a very short learning curve. Kotlin speeds up the process of learning and comprehending the language as well as creating an app. Furthermore, it aids a developer in creating an application with the least amount of code.

It decreased the number of code lines to a bare minimum. With a code length of at least one-fifth of Java, Kotlin has a much greater chance of generating higher-quality apps.

2. Kotlin’s Null Safety

One of the major benefits of Kotlin for Android developers is that it has null safety, which is great. Every Java developer must deal with the NullPointerException regularly while writing in Java. While this feature aids in the testing of software quality, it significantly slows development pace and efficiency.

The protection implemented by this complicates things at the application’s runtime, and developers always want to avoid this while compiling the code. Null safety is absent from Java.

It is precisely where the Kotlin functionality may be really useful. Kotlin introduces the null safety functionality for Java developers just at the beginning of the process. At this stage, the developer is informed if the values may be given to the null factor or not. The compiler in Kotlin offers null safety, which reduces the chance of developers encountering runtime Null Point Exceptions.

3. The Lazy-Loading Function

Faster loading speed is currently one of the most important factors for every high-quality software. The lazy loading mechanism provided by Kotlin takes care of this. This function loads the initial material faster, reducing the starting time while slowly loading other less important components and contents farther down the page. When you use Kotlin for Android development, this functionality will assist you in reducing the app’s startup time. Because of this lazy-loading functionality, Android app development companyusing Kotlin may prioritize primary resources and retain them in the main memory to ensure quicker loading while keeping secondary resources in secondary memory.

4. Functions for Extending

The extension functions, commonly known as the Standard Library Functions by Kotlin developers, are a critical component that may assist developers in various ways. Functions that are fundamental to an object-oriented language can also be displayed as extensions while programming with Kotlin.

While Java only permits developers to include a new function within an existing class, the class that is being expanded might make it difficult for developers to access ready-to-use components. Kotlin, on the other hand, allows us to utilize these functions as extensions. It facilitates the addition of new functions to existing classes in a seamless manner. Aside from this extension function functionality, the Kotlin Standard Library also includes a rich selection of standard functions.

5. Streams and Collections

If you are a Java developer, you must be familiar with object collection processing, an essential element of the Java app development process. It is because Java objects are converted to a variety of displayed components throughout this procedure. It frequently results in a concurrent stream of translated items, slowing down the entire program.
Immutable collections are used by Kotlin, an advanced programming language, to address this issue. Because the collections have the same capabilities, rich functional APIs will automatically return.

Despite having numerous sophisticated capabilities and benefits over Java, Kotlin may be utilized alongside Java by Android developers. Because of its compatibility with Java and minimal learning curve, Kotlin is an unmatched choice for Android developers.

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