A Complete Guide to Hire iOS Developers in 2022: Skills, Salaries & More

by Parth Patel 7 min read

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Why would you need to Hire iOS developers in India and create an app in the first place? When choosing a platform for your app, there are just two options: iOS or Android. These two platforms account for nearly all mobile operating system industries, with Android accounting for 86% of the market.

To build an iOS application, you’ll need to hire iOS developers competent in Objective-C or Swift and comfortable working with Xcode or another integrated development environment. Additionally, we highlight critical things you should be aware of when hiring iOS coders in this article.

Roles and duties of iOS developers

Many consumers are ignorant of the breadth of the obligations of iOS developers. Indeed, the responsibilities of an iOS developer extend beyond creating code. They are involved in all stages of app development, from planning and design (wireframing screens, developing the user interface) through testing and uploading the completed app to the App Store.

In other words, an iOS developer converts your mobile application’s specs into a functional and user-friendly product.

Design awareness is a critical factor to consider when hiring an iOS development candidate. The idea is that design considerations are not limited to mobile designers since developers are equally accountable for delivering a positive user experience. So an iOS developer should be proficient in both UI/UX, their ideas, and, of course, Swift or another language.

iOS developers at all levels: junior, medium, and senior.

Typically, a developer’s adaptability is determined by their job experience. The more complex and diverse technological problems a developer has worked on, the more complex and diverse technical challenges they can manage.

In the information technology sector, programmers’ abilities are classified into three categories: junior, medium, and senior.

iOS developer, junior

It is a position for an entry-level iOS developer. In most organizations, younger developers work alongside more experienced colleagues to broaden their knowledge and grow their abilities. It is common for junior developers to take many years to reach the level of senior developers.

An iOS developer in the middle

After gaining experience working on a range of difficult projects, developers graduate from beginning to medium or mid-level iOS developers. They have more autonomy in terms of project work here.

iOS developer with extensive experience.

A senior iOS developer is an accomplished developer who has worked with a large amount of code and launched dozens of apps. Typically, such developers are responsible for coding and designing an application and testing, API integration, and security.

Taking everything said previously into consideration, you’re prepared to decide whether your project demands a less-experienced or more-experienced iOS software developer. The critical issue here is your budget, as compensation at different levels might vary significantly. The project’s complexity is also critical since a junior developer would struggle to manage a huge project with complex business logic.

Competencies of an iOS developer

The technical abilities of an iOS developer are highly project-specific. However, the broad set of abilities required of an iOS developer should look like this:

  • – Proficient in Swift or Objective-C;
  • – Working knowledge of the Xcode IDE;
  • – Familiarity with Cocoa Touch and UIKit APIs;
  • – Familiarity with RESTful APIs;
  • – Working knowledge of UI and UX design standards;
  • – Familiarity with Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines;
  • – Familiarity with Metal or OpenGL;
  • – Proficiency with code versioning technologies such as Git;
  • – Familiarity with the Core Data framework.

Consider the following factors before hiring an iOS developer:

Thus, you’ve chosen the most appropriate employment choice for your situation. Is there anything else you should consider before iPhone app developers in India? Without a doubt!

# 1. Extensive experience

Extensive experience is critical, even more so when it comes to software development services. We already covered the different software engineer competencies. These designations are often given to developers in recognition of their competence in the technology industry:

  • – Junior level: up to two years
  • – Middle level: between the ages of two and five years
  • – Senior level: over the age of five years

However, the amount of years an iOS developer has spent developing code is not a reliable indicator of their level of expertise. Consider the number of projects rather than the number of years as a developer this individual has worked. Otherwise, you risk hiring a developer who has spent their whole career supporting a single program. Hire iOS developer USA.

# 2. Practical experience

Expertise and experience are two distinct concepts. The developer’s experience indicates that they have dealt with specific apps or worked on projects centered on a particular sector (e.g., real estate). Not just experience, but also skills, should be prioritized.

You can discover if a developer has the required expertise by reviewing their iOS developer portfolio or personally enquiring. If you are considering outsourcing, visit the outsourcing company’s website and look for a dedicated page or case study.

# 3. Portfolio

It is an additional important factor to consider. You can evaluate a candidate’s or company’s expertise and competency by examining their portfolio. Additionally, you may assess their overall competence and attention to detail by evaluating the applications they’ve developed.

Hint: Businesses frequently post in-depth essays about their previous initiatives on their blogs. There, you’re certain to uncover a wealth of information that will assist you in determining their degree of skill.

# 4. Communication

If your remote iOS developer or software development firm is located on a different continent or nation, you must build a solid communication route. Generally, some scheduling and specialist tools, such as Slack or Skype, resolve this issue. However, we should discuss this topic beforehand.

Salary information for iOS developers

For the majority of consumers, the hourly rate of an iOS developer is a deciding factor. These costs vary according to the recruiting option you pick and the location you plan to establish an in-house team or hire ios developers.

The salary of an iOS developer on average

If you want to hire iphone app developers in India who will work as part of your team on a full-time basis, you must pay them a competitive salary. In the United States, the average iOS app developer income is around $108K.

However, the compensation of an iOS app developer in the United States varies significantly by the state because each one has a unique pool of talent and supply, not to mention a varied cost of living.

Salary of a freelance iOS developer

According to Codementor’s statistics (which include freelance iOS developers from all over the world), the average hourly wage for an iOS developer is between $80-100.

In this case, an eight-hour workday will cost you an average of $640. The weekly rate is $3,200, and the monthly rate is $12,800. Bear in mind, however, that these are approximate figures. You can find professionals who charge more or less than the industry standard.

Reasons for employing our iOS developers

Mobile application development is a critical service we provide to our customers. Hundreds of apps have been successfully published by our iOS developers. Due to the particular nature of each project and its distinct requirements, we have worked with a range of technologies and sectors, including real estate, banking, and retail. As a result, we have considerable knowledge in a wide range of sectors.

Hire iOS developers from our company, iOS development team utilizes both the Objective-C and Swift programming languages. However, most projects are created in Swift because of its numerous advantages (e.g., clear syntax), which enable developers to accelerate development and produce higher-quality products. Check out the best iOS app development services.

We employ the Agile development process to give a high level of flexibility and transparency to our clients. This technique enables clients to monitor the outcome of each sprint (a fixed number of features delivered over a certain period) and make required modifications to the app’s needs.

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