Best ASP.NET Tools to Build Mind-blowing Web Applications

by Parth Patel 7 min read

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Best ASP.NET Tools to Build Mind-blowing Web Applications

Everyone knows that how web applications are always one of the best considerations when it comes to the term Microsoft or windows web application development. If we talk about the past few years, development can be assumed to be the only consideration from one of the best considerations obviously, because of the benefits, it provides like full control can be given over the HTML, easy code, Enables Test Driven Development (TDD), JavaScript frameworks can be easily integrated, Following the design of stateless nature of the web, RESTful URLs that enable SEO, and whatnot.

Now how this journey would have been possible? It was not that, that there were no other options available to consider other than web applications, but what makes it come in limelight are the tools that help in building mind-blowing web applications. As it often said, that it is not the artist how drives his talent, it is the art.

Talking about tools, like many technologies exist, similarly many tools for each technology also exists with all unique functionality. Here are some rich tools that can be used to develop extraordinary web applications easily and also in less time.

1. Visual Studio

There would be fewer amount of people in the IT world who are unaware of the tool Visual Studio. Many times it has been observed that even non-technical people are also aware of this tool. Obviously, they won’t know about the core features and other stuff, but yes, they might know that it’s used for web apps. It saves a lot of time for developers as it eliminates several time-consuming processes. Visual Studio is enriched with helpful features like IntelliSense suggestions and syntax checking in the editor enabling programmers to correct their mistakes right away. Any changes made to IDE are saved directly by using Visual Studio project files skipping extra efforts used in the later-on process of the developer. When it comes to complex programs, Visual Studio helps the coder to develop and maintain multiple smaller programs that can be compiled quickly and also can be loaded fast into the IDE. Over and above this, Visual Studio is known for core features it provides like:

Flexibility: Visual Studio is integrated with Professional developer tools and features that help programmers to develop an application of any type.

Productivity: Integrated with an important and useful feature such as CodeLens can help in improving code’s productivity.

Collaboration: This tool can support project development tools in the agile method with the integration of reports + charts that help in better presentation and maintain a clean display of output.

Subscriber benefits: After giving this many benefits it also has some paid features providence that include core Microsoft software + Azure, Pluralsight, and many others.

2. SQL Server

SQL Server, a relational database management system developed by Microsoft provides the core functionality of storing the data in the database and also retrieving data from it whenever an external software application requests for the same. It has been used at many places with major advantages such as installation is done through the setup wizard helps the coder to save time installing other pre-requisites or dependencies as the installer automatically does it. This also eliminated the complex installation problem. Besides this, the main advantages added to the list include:

Widened Security: Non-compliant security policies can be detected with the help of policy-based management used by SQL servers. Hence only authorized people are allowed to access the database. Moreover, Security audits can be directly reported to the log files that help in maintaining it properly as well.

Enhanced Performance: MS SQL server comes with an in-built compression and encryption feature that helps the user to eliminate the effort to write separate programs for encryption of data.

Eliminated Ownership Cost: SQL Server comes up with the best tools for managing and mining data both keeping disk partitioning in mind. This helps in assuring the service’s optimum maintenance, availability, and recoverability of data by following data management practices.

3. Postman

Postman is a tool for numerous API testing and getting results of how output would be presented and determines whether it is structured properly or not, is it reliable or not, correct output is achieved or not, and also determines the time taken to retrieve the data by API. The best-approved ones are then developed in many other tools. This tool saves time to a wider extent and eliminates several processes that have been possible due to the below benefits of this tool:

  • Storage of information in a systematic and organized manner.
  • Comes up with effective integrations with various systems.
  • Easy logic implementation.
  • Quick testing with accurate results.
  • Easily shareable code repositories.
  • Supported in many other resources, etc.

4. Visual Studio Code

This tool comes up with IntelliSense code completion and debugging. Hence the simplicity of the source code editor is involved in this tool that helps programmers understand things quite easily. Some of its benefits are mentioned below:

Available for macOS, Linux, and Windows: You can be platform-independent as it supports almost all platforms.

Edit, build, and debug with ease: With rich features integrated and a user-friendly interface involved, it becomes very easy for the developers to code, edit, and debug the code.

Make it your own: It becomes easy for developers to code to try 1000 experiments with their coding knowledge as it has the support of editable features + n number of third-party extensions installations are allowed (all for free).

Built with love for the Web: The tool has support for node.js and also includes the integrations of JavaScript, TypeScript, and other web technologies such as JSX/React, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Less, and JSON.

So, these are the few best tools that make development quite rich and have become a center of attraction for developers. Confused with which tool should be used for your web application development? Consider any of these and get accurate results as expected.

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