How to Choose Right Technology for Web Application Development?

by Parth Patel 7 min read

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How to Choose Right Technology for Web Application Development

Nowadays, the world is busy with websites and web applications. So if you have a plan for website application development for your business, choose the right technology for your website application.

How can we plan and decide on the website application? Let’s see how to tick our checklist.

There are many technologies available now for web application development. Among these, choose the right technology for your business. What are the key points for choosing the exact technology which suits your business?

Type of Complexity in Your Web Application

The type of complexity of your web application will be decided by the integrity and size of the business module or enterprises. The toolset technology stack will help you with an exact application according to your requirements.
The three categories of complexity, which decides the integrity of the application/website.

Simple/Easy: This feature is for small business organizations/enterprises.
Mid-Level: The mid-level complexity provides necessary requirements for enough strength of a business organization or enterprise. The integrity and security level are good according to the data usage and user’s safety.
Complexity: As the name suggests, the complexity will provide the exact security and integrity for both the clients and the business organization.

According to the business module/organization, the flexibility of complexity will differ. So decide and ensure the right technology. No need to put high complexity for general purpose web applications, which affects the cost unnecessarily

Depth of the Project

Before the commencement of the project, analyze the required technology based on the complexity needs for the web application. The three different sizes/depths of projects can determine the effectiveness and efficiency of the project.

Small: For tiny websites like single web pages, portfolios, magazines, there is no need for large complexity and integrity.
Medium: For the medium-sized project, include necessity protocols that obey the website protocols. The complexity meant to be enough strong.
Large: The project size is large, the complexity and integrity will increase. The number of users can increase randomly.

Security & Intigrity

The application and website must be under surveillance for preventing cyber-attacks and data theft. The Integrity of the application and website plays a vital role in the privacy of the users who use access to the application and website.

You have to update the application/website according to the viruses/malware if any such arises. Provide proper authentication and authorization protocols for the application/website to avoid unwanted attacks by hackers.

Launch Pad

The launch time of the service of application/website must reach a majority of the users with proper response and feedback. We will follow the MVP approach for better speed and better user experience. It’s very successful for lean or startup enterprises to get exact feedback and response. The time-to-market system will always enhance the business module.

Reliability and Scalability

For more scalability and reliability, the toolset is not comfortable and flexible. If the application /website possesses many users at a time, the application has to handle the scenario to provide the exact data the user asked for. So according to the requirement, the development team has to cross-check the physical quantities by horizontal scaling/vertical scaling by adding extra software.


Every Application/website will go to the testing team which figured out the issues. will exactly kick out the vulnerabilities and threats for the users while using the application/website. The testing part and report will be a core for the development process. Based on the bugs found in the testing part, reduce the insecurity and future issues after deployment.

The development team will add other features and simulations in the update/upgrade part.

Development Cost

The cost allocated for the overall project must be tally with the client’s requirements. They will spend the majority amount on the developers’ team and maintenance of the application/website.

Once the deployment over, the maintenance team will report regarding the need for updates. Based on every requirement for the update, the client will fund the specific amount for maintenance.

The developer’s team will develop once again wherever the client needs updates. The developers have to get paid accordingly based on maintenance.

Maintenance Report

The principal part of the maintenance will be in the code section. The code section must be concise. The coding plays an exact financial role in every development of a website/application.

The architecture of the website/application can design according to the protocols provided for website/application development. If any architecture is failing, the maintenance team will treat it accordingly.

Document and Report Generation

The documentation part of the project will exactly describe the salient features of the project and drawbacks of the existing system along with proposed system merits. The report is useful for future purposes or further development and maintenance.

Based on this report, the upcoming projects can change according to the client’s requirements.

License and Certifications

For better technology, the properly licensed development must implement stacks. To avoid unwanted extra costs for open-source solutions, we can prefer free utilization software. Attackers cannot breach soon the licensed application/website. The firewalls are comparatively strong.


These are the salient features I could say for the best ways to choose the right technology for your website/application development. Hope this article gave a perspective view regarding website development/application development. All the best for your enterprise and website/application.

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