How to Hire an ASP.NET Developer?

by Parth Patel 7 min read

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The new year has arrived and everyone in some way or other has fought the pandemic and try overcoming the great economic setback in which the IT sector cannot be kept unnoticeable. When it comes to the IT sector, it can be seen that it has enhanced a lot from the past decade. Many technologies whether we talk about hardware or software have not only replaced the older ones but also have created an example that everything can be achieved through automation. Going through all these, the Indian Prime Minister has launched various programs for turning India into a digital platform. It is quite obvious developing such technologies brings a requirement to hire new software and application developers.

Now, talking about software or mobile developers, there are multiple platforms that can be considered like PHP, Java, C, C++, Python, Html, JS, WordPress, React native, Android, IOS, Flutter, .NET technologies, and many more. If we talk about making an attractive and user-friendly website, that can be done on multiple platforms like PHP, Java, Python, ROR, Angular, .Net, and whatnot. Demand for such technologies has been noticed for a long time in which demand for .Net developers cannot be kept apart.

Out of all the technologies, hiring .Net developers are more in demand because of the few or more benefits it provides like reduction in code, security, early binding, just-in-time compilation, native optimization, rich toolbox and designer in the Visual Studio integrated development environment, easy to perform common tasks, from a simple form submission and client authentication to deployment and site configuration and many more.

Now, the question is how to hire an Asp.Net developer? The answer can be found based on your requirements and understanding of the qualities of an Asp.Net developer.

Hiring Asp.Net Developer as a Team Member:

Hiring a dedicated Asp.Net developer for your inhouse team can lead you to 2 choices:

1. Experienced Asp.Net developer.

2. Asp.Net fresher.

When you are looking to hire dot net developers as a team member who is experienced, you need to understand how experienced he/she is. How persistent they are on achieving their targets, how dedicated they can be towards their work and it would be plus if you get an option to know something about their past work as well. This might help you to know how far can he/she think, how do they take unexpected errors and issues that come up suddenly. Also, it would be a great thing if he/she knows how to handle projects based on experience.

There might be a possibility where you need to free your experienced Asp.Net developers from small tasks leaving them on freshers. For such situations, you might need to think of a fresher Asp.Net developer to hire. It might be tough to hire a fresher ASP.Net developer as compared to experience because all you have in hand are his/her mark sheets, some projects, some grades that’s it. But do you think that’s enough?

For hiring a fresher, you must make him go through several situations that he might need to face in his work. A Technical test testing how much sound he/she is with his/her coding skills can be a plus. This might give you an idea of his efforts to learn initially. If he suites in your measurement test, you are good to go with him.

Hiring Asp.Net Developer as a Freelancer:

As mentioned above, the IT sector comprises several technologies and it is not possible to build an in-house team for every technology. Under such circumstances, freelancing and outsourcing come into the picture where you do not what to add a new employee to your team but would like to hire a developer for some time for certain tasks/projects.

For such hiring, you have to judge the person based on his proposal sent and the services he/she would be providing. It is tough to trust a person for whom you do not have any knowledge of his/her skills but a few of these points may help you in deciding the correct Asp.Net developer to hire as a freelancer:

A good and knowledgeable Asp.Net developer would ask relevant and matching questions (Functional level, business level, and others) regarding your project description.

Look for the person who can address your pain points easily and address proper solution for the same.

An auto proposal or simple note would never work as far as understanding knowledge is concern.

A developer who suggests different thinking and ideas can help you to understand his/her knowledge in Asp.Net projects.

It is advisable to ask them to show their past work. This would also help you to understand the level of quality work he/she can provide.

Considering all these points, one of the most important qualities that you need to have attention to, whether you choose Asp.Net developer as a freelancer or as an in-house team member is having better communication skills as he/she would need to communicate with team members, clients, managers, and others in order to solve any query or assign any task or let’s say understand the requirements of the over-seas/local clients.


Choosing a dedicated Asp.Net developer as a team member or as a freelancer might be tough but it can be helpful to you if you consider these points mentioned above. At least this might help you in making a decision whether to consider them for hiring or not.

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