Latest Trends in modern Mobile App Development in 2021

by Parth Patel 7 min read

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Latest Trends in modern Mobile App Development

All locked up in their homes this quarantine and tried out all the mobile applications old, new and looking forward to trying on something new. We all have got our hopes high for all the latest mobile app development trends in 2021, haven’t we? There might be multiple times that the thought of forgetting the year 2020 would have crossed your mind, skipping the whole year like it never happened but looking on the other side of the coin, this year did bring some new hopes for the IT industry. People accepting all the new and latest mobile app development trends brought new responsibilities to all the IT and mobile app development company to make the best of the time and release new mobile app developments as well as adding new features and updates to mobile app development trends.

To ensure the success of the mobile app development in the current scenario it becomes pivotal for all the mobile app developers to keep up with the latest trends and make sure not to miss out on anything. While talking about the mobile app development trends the foremost thing that comes to mind is heavy competition since all the mobile app developers are looking to the trends hence it becomes inevitable to stay up to date to serve all the users in a better way while considering of their user’s expectation in mind as well. With the increased use of social media and digital marketing, even the brand representatives and content creators made full use of the trends in mobile app development for promotion purposes benefiting both parties.

Let’s have a look through the latest trends coming your way in modern mobile app development.


We all are aware of the situation we all have been through this pandemic, with all our favorite stores shut down and the only scope for shopping was online. The sales through the E-commerce websites rose all high like never before. This pandemic has in a way brought a change in our shopping pattern towards e-commerce and now the businesses that were dependent on their offline sale of the products are obliged to come online to stand up with the competition.

All this brings in new opportunities for M-COMMERCE (a.k.a. mobile e-commerce). But the question is whether to develop a website or to concentrate on building a mobile app?

The answer to the question varies to the generation gap. While the elder generations are going to prefer the websites as they are easily accessible and they find it easier to navigate through websites while the younger generation has their focus on mobile apps.

IoT Powered Apps

With the increase in production and usage of smartphones, the world is now ready to welcome the Internet of Things. The technology opens the door to everything being controlled with a single tap on your smartphone. This technology has been proven beneficial not just for industries but in our homes as well. This technology interconnects a set of devices thus creating a network with an ability to work together which can be controlled by an application on your smartphone permitting users to operate their devices from a distance too.

The users can turn on any appliances in their home by using the mobile application even without being in their home, check regularly on their security systems and cameras remotely, monitor and control any devices on the network from anywhere in the world. This mobile app development trend holds a lot of opportunities and would be interesting to look forward to.

Location Tracking by Apps

We all are aware of smartphones tracking the location of the devices, but nowadays applications have added the feature to trace the location of their users. The point of addition of this feature to give services to their customers on the location but also collect data of their users enabling them a more customized experience.

This feature of tracing location has enriched the marketing campaigns for companies as with the help of this, the companies can make their marketing advertisement on the particular location they wish to target bringing in a lot of scope and opportunity for their sales. Brands could also strategize in a similar way for marketing where their nearby users can get notifications pushed on special discounts and offers.

Instant Apps

This might happen a lot of times when you would want to try out a new application but have no space on your device to download them. This latest mobile app development trend is just the right for them with the ability to use the mobile application without downloading them.

This could be a perfect way to give the demonstration where users might get the idea of the application beforehand enabling the users with the choice if they actually want to install the application on their devices or not.

Companies can implement digital marketing techniques to reach out to more audiences and influence them to download their application. This can be an interesting mobile app development trend this year.

No-code App Development

Mobile application development sometimes might take months to hit the ground. For companies who don’t have a large development team or enough budget to give to mobile app development companies to make the application, no-code apps can be a perfect choice for them where the mobile app can be ready in just a few weeks.

This a new trend in the market where there is no need to look at the code just by the use of visual builders. If you are someone who has a really great idea for an application but is not interested in coding but is into building things visually then this is just the right fit for you. The only thing to take care of is building a large and complicated mobile application as they have high chances to be challenging. Also, have a look at the best software development company.

Wrapping Up

The mobile app development trends constantly keep changing. To stay ahead in the competition, you need to make use of the latest trends at the right time as making use of a trend that was informative a couple of years back might not be as relevant now. It isn’t necessary to make use of every trend in mobile application development but it is inevitable to be aware of how the market is transforming to the new trends and adapting them consequently.

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