Top 10 Medicine Delivery Apps That Delivers Medicines on Time

by Parth Patel 7 min read

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Top 10 Medicine Delivery Apps That Delivers Medicines on Time

The emergence of on-demand medicine delivery apps is revolutionizing all industries. Apps for scheduling doctor’s appointments and gaining access to various medical services are now available in the healthcare industry.

Now, you may get your medications online through pharmacy delivery apps, eliminating the need to wait in huge lines at the drugstore. You may submit a photograph of your prescription using the camera on your smartphone and have all medications delivered directly to your house with online medicine delivery apps.

People also like not having to travel to the local pharmacy and being able to order their medications from the comfort of their sofa using an on-demand medicine delivery application.

Here is a list of the top 10 medicine delivery apps available :

What are the best apps for getting medications online today? Here are many of the most common options.

1. Practo:

Practo is a reputable brand in the fields of medical appointment scheduling and patient reviews. The firm launched its online medicine app in 100 Indian cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune, and Lucknow.

Using Practo, you may order over 40,000 medications. Practo has partnered with local drugstores and pharmacies to ensure prompt delivery of prescription medications to your doorstep. Launch your medicine delivery app like Practo with us!

Medicine Delivery Apps

Image Credit: Practo


  • – Online doctor appointment booking.
  • – Online ordering of medicines.
  • – Text-based chat and phone call facility.
  • – Medical record storage.
  • – Medicines delivery.
  • – Blog with health expert insights.

2. 1 mg:

1mg app helps you purchase medicine online and obtain related information about your prescription medicines. Using the medicine delivery app like 1mg, you can learn about doses, side effects, and other facts about your drugs.

The firm has established agreements with local pharmacies responsible for meeting client demands. This online medicine app is accessible in Chennai, Delhi, Lucknow, Agra, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Indore, and Bangalore. Contact us to launch your medicine delivery app like 1mg, with us!

Medicine Delivery Apps

Image Credit: 1 mg


  • – Access medical and health-related data. Tata 1mg delivers medical information vetted, authored, and validated by
  • – specialists and is accurate and reliable.
  • – Purchase medications online. Get free medicine home delivery in more than 1800 Indian cities.
  • – Book lab tests
  • – Consult a doctor online

3. NetMeds:

Dadha Company, which has been in medicine in India since 1914, operates the NetMeds app for ordering medications. The online pharmacy accepts orders from anywhere around the globe but only ships to areas in India.

You can quickly input your prescription and make your purchase using the app. All sorts of medications are eligible for a 15% discount, and delivery is done within two to three days. Cash on delivery service is also available across India. Contact us now if you are looking to launch a medicine delivery app like NetMeds.

Medicine Delivery Apps

Image Credit:  NetMeds


  • – Buy Medicines Online – Doorstep Delivery.
  • – Timely Medicine Refill Reminders.
  • – Money-Saving Medicine Deals 24×7.
  • – Book Lab Tests Online.
  • – Consult Best Doctors Online 24×7 | FREE Follow-up Consultation.
  • – FREE Access to Health Information.
  • – Find All About Your Order.

4. BookMeds:

The BookMeds app allows you to purchase items from various categories, including medications, surgical products, orthopedic care, mother and newborn care, hospital equipment, medical devices, protein supplements, and fitness products.

Free cash on delivery is available, and you may have your medications within four hours after ordering. A medicine delivery app like BookMeds can be used for purchasing medications online is available for both Android and iOS.

Medicine Delivery Apps

Image Credit: BookMeds


  • – Order Medicines
  • – Pill reminder
  • – Surgical products
  • – Medical devices

5. Yodawy:

Yodawy is the finest app for ordering medicines in Egypt. The app allows users to explore a vast library of medications and even offers the correct spellings to facilitate searches. Additionally, you may submit a photograph of your handwritten prescription and have professionals analyze the handwriting.

The firm has partnered with more than 500 local pharmacies in Egypt to fulfill orders. Nationwide, medicines are delivered within 30 minutes from the closest drugstore. Even consumers’ medical insurance copayments may be accessed online through their cell phones. Additionally, you can contact us now to launch a medicine delivery app like Yodawy.

Medicine Delivery Apps

Image Credit:  Yodawy


  • -Healthcare and medicine purchasing and delivery
  • – App-based doctor-patient communication.
  • – Mediator between users and pharmacies.

6. SmartMedics:

SmartMedics may be used to order medications and consult physicians from various medical specialties. You may purchase drugs online in several cities in India via phone, internet, or mobile app.

The app offers a 22% discount on all healthcare supplies and 48-hour delivery of all medications. There are no delivery fees, and the minimum order amount is Rs 100. The pharmacy will collect the prescription from your residence, or you may submit a photo of the prescription using the app. Contact us if you are looking to launch your medicine delivery app like SmartMedics.

Medicine Delivery Apps

Image Credit:  SmartMedics


  • – Order medicine
  • – Book appointments with doctors
  • – Follow up online with their doctor

7. Flipkart Health Plus:

Do you need your medication within two hours? You may buy medications by uploading a prescription photograph to a medicine delivery app like Flipkart health plus. Then, choose your address and finalize the order to deliver the medications directly. Flipkart guarantees the same and provides substantial savings on orders.

If you don’t obtain the medicines within 2 hours, you may still have them delivered on the same day of ordering.

Medicine Delivery Apps

Image Credit:  Flipkart Health Plus


  • – Fast medicines delivery
  • – 2-hours delivery
  • – Same-day delivery

8. Apollo:

The Apollo app makes purchasing medications online a snap. Submit your prescription and enter the required delivery information. Your medications are dispatched within two to forty-eight hours after making your purchase.

With substantial discounts and incentives for first-time and return customers, the Apollo app is used to quickly order medicines and baby products. Our team can create a medicine delivery app like Apollo for Android and iOS. Contact us now!

Medicine Delivery Apps

Image Credit: Apollo


  • – Ordering and delivery of medications
  • – Order medical supplies from a local pharmacy
  • – Great offers

9. PharmEasy:

PharmEasy is one of India’s leading online medicine subscription platforms. With PharmEasy, you may purchase over-the-counter (OTC) goods, healthcare supplies, and medications and have them delivered to your house within 24 to 48 hours. Home health tests may be scheduled at your convenience. With our team, you can start a medicine delivery app like PharmEasy in no time!

Medicine Delivery Apps

Image Credit: PharmEasy


  • – You can book diagnostic tests online
  • – Buy OTC products & medical equipment online
  • – blood tests
  • – lab tests
  • – complete body checkups & other preventive health checkups

10. True Meds:

True Meds medicine delivery application delivers medicines at discounts. Before buying medications, you may make a list using the app’s drop-down menu or shown images. Confirm the list, and your medications will be delivered to your home. Online payment options include debit cards, credit cards, net banking, and cash on delivery. Through its proprietary algorithm and teleconsultation, TrueMeds can recommend best-value medicines to customers based on exact scientific matching and outcomes history, resulting in savings of 50% or more for customers! Contact us now if you are looking to start your medicine delivery app like True Meds.

Medicine Delivery Apps

Image Credit: True Meds


  • – Order infant care
  • – Feminine hygiene
  • – Dental care items
  • – Video consultation

Uber for medicine delivery app has been a blessing for India. The company has a healthy profit margin while giving discounts to clients with a medicine delivery service app. Patients also enjoy that they may obtain medications online and have them delivered promptly to their homes with medicine delivery app development.

On-demand pharmacy app is the key to success for pharmacies nowadays. You may also appear on the list of leading online pharmacies if you design your medicine-ordering app. Contact us now to take your pharmaceutical company to the next level with our medicine delivery application development company.

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