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Top 10 On Demand Courier Delivery Apps That Offer Fast Delivery of Parcels

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On Demand Courier Delivery Apps

These days, the vast majority of people would prefer having products delivered to their homes than making the trip to the market to get the things they need daily. Therefore, for your convenience, we have provided a list of the top 10 courier delivery apps you can use for courier delivery services. We are just a call away if you are looking for Parcel delivery app development for your business.

Here is a list of the top 10 courier delivery apps available :

1. Wefast – Fast Courier Delivery App:

Wefast is an established and reputable courier delivery app in India. Working with them makes it easier for local businesses and online merchants to communicate with their clients. In addition, Wefast can place orders with the retailer of your choice based on specific requests for items to be delivered to your home. Contact us now if you want a courier delivery app like Wefast.

On Demand Courier Delivery Apps

Image Credit: Wefast


  • – Cost-effective, with hyperlocal pricing beginning at Rs.60
  • – You select the delivery time
  • – Thousands of delivery partners in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, among other cities
  • – Delivery of presents, documents, cakes, or anything else anyplace

2. Dunzo – Deliver Packages Fast:

Dunzo is among the most popular courier delivery applications for delivering items via courier delivery services. A courier delivery app like Dunzo provides courier services, and the company’s business model is quite similar to WeFast. Access to Dunzo is available in seven of the most populated cities in India. Since Dunzo offers its services in the cities listed below, it is thus able to deliver your packages to their respective destinations.

On Demand Courier Delivery Apps

Image Credit: Dunzo


  • – Easy order placement
  • – Easy and multiple payment methods
  • – Real-time tracking
  • – Push notifications
  • – GPS tracking
  • – Discounts, rewards, and coupon
  • – No need to travel
  • – Anytime and Anywhere
  • – Hygiene and convenience
  • – On-demand delivery

3.  Saral – Same-Day Intra-City Courier Delivery:

Shiprocket, among the most successful eCommerce shipping firms in India, just introduced SARAL, an android application that offers same-day intra-city courier service. The SARAL app is available for download on mobile devices running either iOS or Android. Contact us now if you want to launch a courier delivery app like Shiprocket!

On Demand Courier Delivery Apps

Image Credit: Saral


  • – Suitable for Every Business
  • – Wide Area Coverage
  • – Multilingual Application
  • – Reasonable Rates
  • – Multiple Delivery Partners
  • – Pick & Drop Service
  • – Multiple Payment Modes
  • – Place Orders in a Few Clicks

4. Pidge – Instant Delivery & Courier Service:

If you are looking for a firm that provides same-day delivery and courier services in India and you reside in the Delhi NCR area, a courier delivery app like Pidget can be the most suitable choice for you. In addition, it provides a one-stop shop for everything, including emailing critical papers to coworkers and shipping prescriptions to your parents who reside in a different part of the city.

On Demand Courier Delivery Apps

Image Credit: Pidge


  • – Minimizes delivery time
  • – Affordable
  • – Prevents damage to the products
  • – Minimizes stress
  • – Tracking your order becomes easy

5. Lalamove India – Delivery App:

Lalamove is a company that offers delivery services on the same day that may be requested on demand. A courier delivery app like Lalamove India is a one-stop shop for developing your business, with services ranging from the delivery of individual consumer items to the delivery of large-scale corporate goods.

On Demand Courier Delivery Apps

Image Credit: Lalamove India


  • – Immediate and Reliable
  • – Door-to-door delivery service
  • – Route optimization
  • – Track your Deliveries in Real Time
  • – fast delivery service that puts you in touch with delivery drivers and couriers

6. Delhivery – Top Package Delivers in India:

Delhivery has quickly become one of the most successful and widely used e-commerce courier services since it began its logistical business in 2011. It is widely lauded for providing efficient COD and reverse logistics services, and this appreciation is well deserved. This is a direct outcome of the vast array of services this company offers its customers. If you want to start your courier delivery app like Delhivery, contact us now!

On Demand Courier Delivery Apps

Image Credit: Delhivery


  • – Same-day/Next-day Delivery
  • – Time-defined/Slot-based Delivery
  • – Person-Specific/Address-Specific Delivery
  • – Returns Management

7. DTDC Courier Delivery App:

DTDC Service Limited, which stands for “Desk to Desk Courier & Cargo,” is the name of this large global logistics organization’s Indian business. eCommerce businesses can personalize their deliveries by leveraging DTDC’s services, which include collect-on-delivery (COD), bulk Shipment, heavyweight shipping, and expedited delivery. Launch a courier delivery app like DTDC with us!

On Demand Courier Delivery Apps

Image Credit: DTDC


  • – Delivery of documents and packages up to 10 kilos
  • – Tamper-proof security pouch
  • – Online track and trace status of consignments
  • – Delivery confirmation via email and SMS alerts

8. Blue Dart:

Blue Dart, a worldwide carrier operating as a leading courier services provider since 1983, is one of the best courier companies for online businesses. Blue Dart has been in operation since 1983. They provide several different payment alternatives that bundle services together. Blue Dart gives users access to over 35,000 pin digits throughout India and more than 220 other countries. Hire developers if you are looking to start your courier delivery app like Blue Dart.

On Demand Courier Delivery AppsImage Credit: Blue Dart


  • – The new version of the My Blue Dart app will allow you to book a shipment and make an electronic payment for the freight.
  • – TrackDart allows you to manage your address books, contact us, arrange pick-ups, and monitor your shipments from one location. In addition, you may track your shipments.
  • – You may use the app to find the Blue Dart shop closest to you and check its serviceability using the Location Finder.
  • – Get Shipment cost estimates and specifics on items available via Transit Time Finder directly on your smartphone.
  • – Use advanced GPS location services and a camera barcode scanner for easy and efficient tracking.

9. Gati Courier Delivery Application:

GATI must be a component of India’s finest delivery and courier services. GATI was founded in 1989 to streamline the distribution process for traditional brick-and-mortar retailers and, more recently, for internet enterprises. A courier delivery app like GATI offers services in more than 19000 pin codes located throughout the country, allowing it to serve 735 out of India’s 739 districts.

On Demand Courier Delivery Apps

Image Credit: Gati


  • – Cash on Delivery.
  • – API Integration.
  • – Serviceable Pincodes.
  • – Print Shipping Labels.
  • – Email SMS Notification.

10. DHL:

DHL is yet another important international courier business for eCommerce in India (Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn). DHL maintains a high standard for reducing waste and the environmental effect of the delivery process, and the company covers more than 26,000 zip codes throughout the country. Lunch your courier delivery app like DHL in no time.

On Demand Courier Delivery AppsImage Credit: DHL


  • – Increased user response as well as an enhanced overall user experience
  • – Optimizations made at the device level Increased data protection and security enhancements.
  • – Effortless integration of Android features with the app.
  • – Enhancements to overall performance and corrections to several bugs

We have gone through the most reputable on-demand courier delivery app, which facilitates delivery. Our courier delivery app development company is the go-to option for tens of thousands of businesses of all sizes to fulfill the deadlines imposed by their clients. Contact us now if you are looking for courier delivery app development services. We are the top-rated Parcel delivery app development company in India and worldwide.

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