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Top 10 Android App Development Trends to Watch Out in 2021

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Top 10 Android App Development

Two operating systems both of them being launched by 2008, Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS have continuously made advancements in their technologies to keep up with the competition, alongside adding new features to their operating systems and user-friendly updates time to time aiming to satisfy all the customer needs all around the world.

The statistical report survey conducted worldwide for the market share of the operating systems recently released in November 2020 revealed Android with a market share of around 73 percent continuing to be the foremost mobile operating system.

Considering the easy accessibility of smartphones and a fast and pocket-friendly internet connection, the developments in the mobile application have outgrown. With the increase of people using smartphones comes an exponential growth in mobile app development.

With a mobile application, all set at our fingertips to take care of our needs from recharging our TV, mobile phones to online learning, from food delivery to online medical consultations, from staying updated with the current affairs to online video meetings and many more, they have stepped in almost all part of the industry.

Mobile Applications made the life of 2020 a lot easier when people all around the world were locked in their homes. Ever wondered how it would have been with no mobile applications? The future for mobile app development looks bright, lets see what new is 2021 holding for us with creative mobile application trends simplifying our lives.

Mobile App Development and their trends

Trends are the most efficient way of marketing, keeping the product or idea alive in the minds of the viewer, connecting in a unique way. We easily get attracted towards them and even before we realize it the next moment we are experiencing them.

Talking about mobile app developments, expectations raises the bar to another level, always with the curiosity about what’s the new feature added. Mobile app developers bring in the trends to their users using mobile applications. They get ideas for their new update using these mobile application trends by investing in them while simplifying the lives of the users too, hence attracting new users to their area, increasing the businesses.

This is what mobile app development trends do. Now shall we have a look at the Top 10 Android App Development Trends to watch out for in 2021? Let’s go then.

1. Android Instant Apps

Want to install a new mobile application but running out of space? This new trend just might be the right fit for you. While talking about Android app Development, instant apps are still on their way to being popular. This particular trend would allow its users to try the games or applications without the need of downloading them. They use the web fast and thereby help users from using the application without having to install them on their device.

Their prime advantages being, they won’t take up any extra space on your smartphones and also reduce any unnecessary system interruption, amazing user interfaces, and compatibility among all android smartphones.

2. Blockchain Technology

Fear of making an online transaction or about leaking of personal data? Then this mobile application is the solution.

This technology makes use of decentralized android mobile app development that amplifies the transparency and discards the option of unauthorized access and makes use of strong security protocols. This android app development is prominently for the financial sectors like banks, cash transfer, etc.

The significant advantages by the blockchain technologies are it reduces the loss of data, to spread outperformance in case of network issues, encrypts data in a safe and secure way.

3. Flutter

Google introduced its all-new technology for the advancement of android app development in the future. This platform permits mobile app development using a native interface for android and IoS platforms. Owing to their great flexibility and adaptability, mobile app developers prefer this platform for building mobile applications.

Some of the applications developed with flutter are Alibaba, Google ads both consisting of a good set of features and interface.

4. Chatbots

Love when the google assistant takes you to the desired mobile application in seconds without actually swiping through the screen? How about getting the same feature on your mobile application as well. It would be interesting to see more businesses integrating their services with the Google assistant in 2021. This feature would help users to use the mobile app from the assistant itself.

With the increase in the number of Google assistant users, the combination of virtual assistant with the android mobile application would be an interesting trend to see among the mobile app developments.

5. 5G Technology

Looking for a faster network without the need for buffer while watching online videos? With the ongoing 4G network Scenario, be all set to unveil the next technology 5G who’s speed would be up to 100 GBPS and would come with high radiofrequency. It would set all-new levels for data transmission. Android mobile application development with rich features to improvise the business performance could be done by 5G.

6. Augmented Reality

We all are already aware of virtual reality. On the other side of the coin comes augmented reality, fresh to the new app android mobile app development trend would be ruling of all the android mobile app developments in some time. In a couple of years by now, augmented reality’s gaming value is expected to be worth more than $250 billion. Augmented reality is adding more data or objects to the existing reality for entertainment purposes.

7. eCommerce

Love shopping on your mobile phone? Among all the existing mobile android applications, it’s said that eCommerce mobile applications bring out more than half of the revenues. Since online shopping is more preferred nowadays, they are more likely to download e-Commerce android applications for the products they need. The new features are likely to introduce safe payment gateways, highlight and pushing of notifications, customizable, loyalty for clients, and many more benefits.

8. Security

Users find making online transactions using their mobile applications more safe, but it’s seen that only half of the users have any type of protection on their phones. There are more than a million malicious applications in there to be aware of to avoid any frauds in the future. Thereby increasing the security of the users and their data to the optimum level in Android mobile applications will be the most awaited android mobile application development trends in 2021.

9. Android Apps based on cloud computing

The operation of mobile applications becomes difficult as applications run slowly without the cloud space. Therefore android mobile app developers are inclining more towards the cloud-based apps by which heavy data loading issues could be simplified. Hence without using any of your phone memory specific amount of data could be securely stored in the cloud for a faster process.

10. Predictive Analysis

Amazed how your search for a particular product makes its way to the Facebook ad? Facebook ad insights use predictive analysis which is helpful in knowing what advertisement of the product are their users going to like so as to make them stay more time on the application. This could be the next possible mobile android application trend to improve the experience of their users on android mobile applications, making them have a customized experience.

Wrapping up

With the impact of digitalization and increase in android mobile phones, the scope of android mobile app development has unexpectedly increased along with high expectations of added features and user-friendly interfaces. Hence developing android mobile applications keeping in mind the above-mentioned trends would be a great idea to keep with the competition in the world.

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