Top 10 .NET Core Libraries Every Web Developer Should Know

by Parth Patel 7 min read

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With each passing day, the number of challenges in the .Net web development industry grows modestly. Sapphire is the best .net development company in India, USA.

However, there are several topics about which everyone should be similarly knowledgeable regarding web building. The one that every.Net developer should be familiar with is “the top. Net Core libraries.”

When many developers begin working on .NET core development services, they must decide which libraries to complete the code. A list of the Top 12 ASP .NET Core Libraries will help developers understand these libraries to choose the best ones for their projects.

The libraries to be chosen will be determined by the application’s requirements, i.e., the features necessary. Regardless of the requirements, several common issues, such as security, logging, and exception handling, should be handled in any application.

There are numerous .NET libraries from which .net development company developers can choose. With the release of .NET Core, almost all library vendors have begun to support .NET Core. The selection of rights libraries is critical to the project’s success. At Sapphire Solutions, we deliver .NET Development services using cutting-edge technologies and the most recent breakthroughs to create DOT NET applications that are reliable and intuitive.

Let us delve into the topic to gain a sense of the top .Net Core libraries:

Introduction to .NET Core Libraries

The .NET Core framework aids developers in the development of software and applications that allow you to design your business processes easily.

The .NET core foundation is used in almost every IT product you buy or use online, whether it generates commercial software or common applications and websites.

.NET Core’s features have been updated to allow for less code, the deployment of high-performance and incredibly scalable applications. It made all of the improvements to the .Net framework Libraries.

Here are a few of the best .NET Core libraries that will surely help you create complex websites and applications to benefit your company’s survival.


Angular 8 SPA with Asp .Net Core 3.0 The full-stack application template allows for a more manageable pace in the development strategy. It is stable—net Core 3 with Angular 8 with Entity Framework Core 3.0 and databases SQL Server and SQL light.

It’s also safe, thanks to CSP and bespoke security headers, as well as clean design and code management.


LiteDB is a NoSQL embedded database that is lightweight, compact, and fast, and it also supports LINQ queries. It is open-source and freely available to everyone, particularly for business use. It captures data in documents and enables DES-based datafile encryption (AES).

LiteDB, like SQLite, stores data in a single file and can index document fields for quick searching.


CacheManager is an open-source.NET Network module written in C# that assists cache suppliers in executing enhanced features.

The.NET Core CacheManager library simplifies the developer’s life and manages all complex cache scenarios by providing many layers of caching administration with just a few lines of code. Hire .net developers from .net development company.


Orchard Core is a multi-tenant, open-source application framework and CMS for ASP.NET Core.

It is Microsoft’s literal foray into the world of open-source programming. Orchard was restructured using .Net Core with the release of Dot .net Core. Look out for the best .net development company.


Soap Web Services, or WCF, were not present in the prior release of .Net Core. It was one of the most specified and investigated features of the .Net Core Framework.

As a result, a few months after the Dot net Core release, Microsoft provided a solution for implementing a middleware component for modifying SOAP requests and a working version of the blog’s sample code.


Swashbuckle, as a great library or package, would be useful for services in.NET Web API projects. Its primary function is to build the Swagger spec for your .NET app. It serves as a one-stop-shop for API development in .NET. This library is nearly entirely written in C# rather than JavaScript, which may surprise you. Hire .net developers from Sapphire Software Solutions.


AutoMapper is a well-known object-to-object mapper library that is used to map the characteristics of two different objects. AutoMapper requires very little configuration because it is a convention-based object-object mapper in .NET. It created this small and simple library to tackle a seemingly hard problem and remove the code that mapped one item to another.

Assume you have two separate classes with the same data members, Employee View Model and Employee DTO, and you need to copy data from one to the other. You can no longer set an instance of one object to another as though the data members match, yet the objects are of different classes. You must use the usual method of copying data from one object to another field by field.

It should use auto Mapper to simplify the task of mapping data from one object to another. Auto Mapper is a free and open-source library that maps the attributes of two distinct objects.

Asp .Net Core.Diagnostics.HealthChecks

Asp .NetCore.Diagnostics.HealthChecks provides Middleware for reporting the health of app infrastructure components. It allows us to assess the application’s health.

We may use this library to create a middle layer to monitor health checks for all apps, databases, APIs, Azure services, etc. With the aid of this library, one may create creative UIs that display good health checks.


NUnit is a widely used open-source testing tool for the .NET Framework. It makes it easier for us to implement static assertions to validate testing findings. In addition, it comes with a console runner for batch testing.

Automated unit testing speeds up the regression test, which is an essential component of software development. NUnit is an open source .NET Core unit testing framework. It’s a popular unit-testing framework.

NUnit does not generate test scripts on its own, but it does allow you to develop test scripts for your code using its tools and classes.


The Mock object is used to copy or clone a class or interface behavior. It is really useful when engaging with test cases.

Mocks help us build up the object as well as set parameters and return values for function calls. We may also check whether the methods (that we have set up) were appropriately called or not during the execution of the tested instance.

Depending on the project and team of developers or DOT NET Development Company with whom they have been working, you will discover various specialists with varying degrees of competence in any software development company. Some are well-versed, while others have only mediocre knowledge.

At Sapphire, we have developers who understand the foundations of the Net Core libraries and their relevance throughout website creation. Get in touch with us to develop a highly functional DOT NET application.

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