Top 10 On-Demand Taxi Booking & Ride Booking Apps of 2022

All of these apps are considered to be the finest ones for booking taxis in India. They are secure for travel and provide rides of high quality together with an enjoyable experience. In addition to this, consistently, they provide several discounts that appeal to clients.

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1. Indriver

Learn about the hundreds of different intercity routes. Find drivers and passengers with excellent reviews and vice versa. Find rides that are both reasonable and can help you save money. Set reasonable pricing for your route, get bids from drivers, and immediately begin saving money on trips! You are the one who chooses the cost of your ride when you use InDriver since it is entirely up to you. Contact us now if you want to develop a taxi booking app like Indriver.

View all of the available offers from drivers, make several requests at once, and get fast updates on trips that are being scheduled along your route.

Image Credit: Indriver


  • Drivers choose tours
  • Negotiate prices with drivers
  • Real-time GPS location sharing from the app
  • Riders Can Choose Drivers

2. OLA Cabs

Ola, one of the taxi app firms with the most rapid expansion, is currently available in more than 100 cities throughout India. It provides a hierarchy of vehicle kinds, including compact vehicles, taxis with meters, and regular sedans. In addition, there is the app Ola Auto, which can be used to summon tuk-tuks. You may order a taxi using Ola on your smartphone most quickly and conveniently, regardless of where you are in the city. Get your cab business online with a taxi booking app like OLA.

Image Credit: OLA Cabs


  • Economical fares
  • Prompt confirmation of a booked ride
  • A ride location indicator on the app UI
  • Offers safe, comfortable, and clean journeys with vetted drivers
  • One of India’s most popular ride-hailing applications Uber 

3. Uber

Uber is the most popular ride-hailing service, and you can utilize it. You may submit a trip request via Uber, which will then be immediately sent to an Uber driver in the vicinity, alerting them to your position. Your request will be received by an Uber driver, who will pick you up and take you to the place you specified in your request. Hire us to develop a taxi booking app like Uber.

Image Credit: Uber


  • Real-time tracking of driver
  • Arrange a ride either now or later.
  • A variety of payment alternatives
  • Enable real-time tracking of your ride
  • Favored driver

4. Lyft

Lyft is a taxi service app headquartered in the United States and is now accessible in more than 60 locations around the country. Having a taxi booking app like Lyft can make the process of hailing a ride simpler, safer, and more trustworthy. It only gives its stamp of approval to drivers with a current driver’s license and conducts DMV and background checks.

Image Credit: Lyft


  • A lovely user interface
  • The typical wait time is six seconds.
  • Users may monitor their trips and driver information
  • Riders may go alone or in groups of up to six people.
  • Lyft, Lyft Plus, and Lyft Line are substitutes.

5. Meru cabs:

Meru taxis strongly believes in being client-friendly, as seen by their company motto, which reads “Reliable, Safe, and Transparent.” The airport taxi service is the “Largest Airport cab service,” given that it has 12 million pleased clients, wheel specialists, and payment options of your choosing. You can schedule a trip (a Radio Taxi, Sedan, Hatchback, SUV, or Outstation), monitor your Taxi, get an electronic bill, and even provide comments when using Meru cabs. The customer’s experience is simpler and easier because the Taxi also gives a fair estimate. As a result, a taxi booking app like Meru Cabs is now one of the most reliable and effective taxi booking apps available.

Image Credit: Meru cabs:


  • one-touch booking
  • tracking your cab
  • confirmed booking up to 7 days in advance 
  • India’s first Cab-Wallet

6. Savaari

Savaari Car Rentals Private Limited is India’s largest intercity and local taxi service provider. This automobile rental business is a one-stop-shop for pan-India travel, as it is backed by exceptional support staff and has been highlighted in ET, news, and THE HINDU. It offers various payment options, one-way and round-trip travel options, driver transparency, and the possibility to choose one’s automobile. They also request a rating and comments from the customer, demonstrating a desire for growth. Therefore, a taxi booking app like Savaari is a wonderful option for everyone who wants to go everywhere!

Image Credit: Savaari


  • Hassle-free booking
  • Choose between Multiple Options
  • Punctual service
  • Transparent Billing
  • Reliability and Security

7. Rapido bike taxi

Rapido Bike Taxis are synonymous with velocity, affordability, and utility. Rapido ensures quick reservations, with a decreased waiting time and rapid response from the closest bike ride. Rapido, touted as India’s first bike taxi service currently operates in over 100 Indian cities. If you are looking to take your car or bike rental business online, contact us for taxi booking app like Rapido. 

Image Credit: Rapido bike taxi


  • One-Click Login – No need to wait for the OTP while reserving a bike
  • register in a moment
  • Favorite regularly visited places for faster access
  • Live tracking for the ride’s current location

8. Mega cabs

Mega Cabs, a cab-booking app founded in India in 2001, is committed to growth and superior customer service. They strive to continuously innovate their online taxi booking procedures to give consumers improved service quality and exceptional value. Spreading its wings throughout India, the taxi booking service offers carpooling, out-of-town, and even intra-city travel. Their slogan, “Reliability, Responsibility, and Convenience,” expresses their prompt chauffeurs, fair pricing, and price transparency. Taxi booking apps like Mega cabs also gives customers a ‘Lost and Found’ option to submit lost item inquiries. They are now one of the most successful firms in India and have one of the top automobile apps in India.

Image Credit: Mega cabs


  • Safe and Secure
  • Real-Time tracking of driver
  • Arrange a ride either now or later
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • No cancellation costs
  • Multiple drop-off points
  • Driver review and rating

9. My Taxi India

My Taxi India is one of the top cab booking apps for local travel. The application offers the finest taxi services for in-station and out-of-station journeys. They operate over 4000 taxicabs and serve more than 102 metropolitan cities around the nation. Due to its numerous user-friendly features and intuitive UI, the app garners enormous popularity among users. The program has several weekend getaway packages and taxi packages to pick from. Additionally, the app has a specialized function that enables business leaders to hire automobiles. A taxi booking app like My Taxi India enables users to see the availability of taxis in real-time and make customized bookings.

Image Credit: My Taxi India


  • Ride Tracking
  • Push Notifications
  • In-App Wallets
  • Payment Options
  • Fare Estimation

10. Grab

Grab Taxi is becoming more popular and gaining a positive reputation. It is one of the most Singaporean and Indonesian-headquartered Southeast Asian technology. It was established in 2012. Using a taxi booking app like Grab, you may reserve a taxi for your transportation needs. It resembles Uber cabs. Online payment and cancellation of the trip from the driver’s side, if he is already driving, etc., may make it more beneficial for both users and drivers.

Image Credit: Grab

Features  :

  • Pick-up and drop features
  • It gives hand-free booking auto-retry
  • Real-time driver tracking
  • Signing up is made easier for android users
  • There is an option for Flash in the app. You can search nearest taxis and Grab cars for passengers’ easiness
  • Cashless payment using a credit card

These are the top 10 taxi booking apps in 2022. They are safe to travel on and give a pleasant experience. As a taxi booking mobile app development Services, we know what it takes to develop a taxi booking app. Get in touch with us to develop a taxi booking app. Get in touch with us to hire a taxi booking app developer from us at a reasonable cost.