Top 5 Flutter Advantages & Disadvantages to Review in 2021

by Parth Patel 7 min read

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Flutter is the new buzzword in cross-platform mobile application development. Flutter’s ability to operate smoothly on iOS and Android has vaulted it to the top of the list of cross-platform technologies. If you are a dedicated developer who is always on the lookout for innovative methods to enhance your mobile app development, Flutter is the famous technology that they utilize. Due to some of Flutter’s well-known characteristics, it has garnered considerable interest from all organizations.

Developers need to build different code for iOS and Android apps since the operating systems are quite different. It has become a prohibitively expensive and time-consuming choice for all developers and company owners. Thus, native app development raises a company owner’s budget and forces you to spend a significant amount of money. Check out our flutter app development services.

What kinds of things can you create using Flutter?

With the introduction of Flutter 2.0, the following is now possible:

  • Cross-platform mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Web applications include Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), single-page applications (SPAs), and web extensions for existing Flutter mobile apps.
  • Beta versions of desktop (Windows, Mac, and Linux) applications
  • The advantages and disadvantages of utilizing Flutter

    The Benefits

    Compared to rival frameworks such as React Native, Xamarin, and NativeScript, Flutter is gaining popularity quickly because of the following:

    A single codebase that we can execute everywhere

    Perhaps the fascinating aspect of Flutter is the idea of writing once and running everywhere. You are not required to ensure consistency across Android, iOS, and the web. A single codebase manages it all, resulting in quicker build times, resource savings, and simplified code maintenance.

    State-of-the-art rapid reload
    Flutter reacts quickly to code changes with rapid UI updates. Developers may boost their productivity by performing regular hot reloading. The compiler is used to do this using a just-in-time compiler.

    Support from the community
    Flutter has overtaken React Native in terms of GitHub stars at the time of writing. It indicates that a greater number of developers are using Flutter over React Native.

    Additionally, the number of Flutter-related questions on Stackoverflow exceeded the number of React Native-related questions in 2020. It indicates that an increasing number of developers are interested in learning more about Flutter.

    Flutter is an open-source framework, which means you may access the codebase from which it was developed. As such, you may contribute code, report bugs, and otherwise assist the Flutter community. The open-source community has facilitated some of the most significant advancements in software development.

    Widgets that we may customize
    Almost everything in Flutter is a widget, similar to React components. It includes the layout, colors, text, and buttons. As a result, Flutter has a plethora of configurable widgets.

    The Disadvantages:

    When weighed against the benefits of adopting Flutter for cross-platform application development, there are few drawbacks. However, while determining which framework is ideal for your project, it’s important to consider the framework’s relative immaturity and the restrictions that come with it.

    The following are some possible disadvantages to consider.

    The framework that is forming
    While Flutter is gaining traction in the cross-platform developer community, it is still a young technology. It implies that learning materials are restricted and that the number of plugins and packages is quite modest.

    Plugins/packages in short supply
    In comparison to React Native, Flutter has a smaller plugin and package ecosystem. It is anticipated for a framework that is still in its infancy; Flutter’s first stable release was on 4 December 2018.
    The effect of this restriction should diminish over time as the Flutter community develops additional plugins and packages.

    There are a small number of developers that use Dart
    In comparison to JavaScript, Dart, the programming language used to create Flutter applications, has a very tiny developer community. As with the Flutter framework, there are a limited number of resources available to assist you in learning Dart.

    Obtaining a Platform-Specific Appearance and Feel
    While Flutter enables you to run a high-performance app on iOS and Android with a single codebase, purists may find the platform-specific look and feel a touch wanting.

    If you need your app to adhere closely to Material Design principles on Android devices and the Apple Design System on iOS devices, you may choose to create two separate apps.

    Later this year, they could introduce new iOS and Android features
    It may be seen as a disadvantage. Android and iOS will push out updates first in their native SDKs, followed by Flutter a waft later. However, developers can often introduce new system features on day one, even in native applications, to ensure system compatibility. As a result, that one seems to balance out quite easily.

    Bottom Line

    While there are a few real drawbacks to Flutter application development, and the benefits much exceed the drawbacks, being aware of them is a good thing. Suppose you are adamant about the appearance and feel of your application and believe that you will wind up writing numerous features in native languages and integrating them into Dart. While creating the application, you may want to consider starting from scratch.

    Flutter, on the other hand, has obvious benefits such as quicker development and cost reductions. Rapid development lets you verify your MVP concept more quickly, start user testing earlier, and save money. These advantages could be game-changers when managing your funding and shortening the time to market for your product.

    Is Flutter Beneficial to Development?

    As a result of weighing the advantages and downsides of Flutter, we’ve determined that it offers much more benefits than drawbacks for business and development teams. You can certainly create stunning, high-performance, and fantastic cross-platform mobile apps that meet your unique specifications and demands. Consider Flutter, particularly if you want to build for both iOS and Android. Because hiring a flutter app development company is more cost-efficient than hiring two native app developers (one for Android and one for iOS).

    Assuming you understand, what is Flutter? Thus, what is more, important than saving money and time? That is why we are the best flutter development company for cross-platform mobile applications. We develop industry-specific mobile apps.

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