Top 6 Practical Reasons to Learn C# Programming Language in 2021

by Parth Patel 7 min read

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There are several programming languages to learn, but which one should you pick? Learning C# will benefit you in a variety of ways. C# is used by most of the large companies for delivering C# development services.

It might not be easy to decide which programming language to study. Different languages excel at different things, and having a purpose in mind might help. What if you want to learn to code but don’t know what professional path to take?

Numerous languages are wide enough to study regardless of your plans. You will most certainly learn more than one in your programming career, but starting with C# is an excellent place to start. Why should you pick C# over other programming languages?

Where did C# originate?

C# is a mid-to high-level programming language created by Microsoft in the year 2000. In the years that followed, Microsoft made significant investments in its development. It includes many libraries for various tasks and is built on top of the C and C++ languages but is easier to use.

C# is one of the official languages of Windows development since everything built-in the .NET framework runs in Windows. Microsoft created it as the official language of its .NET framework. It can now use C# to develop macOS, Linux, and even the Raspberry Pi thanks to the launch of the .NET Core.

1. C# is simple to learn

Despite having a name that sounds similar to infamously difficult-to-learn languages like C and C++, C# is considerably more approachable. C# programming is object-oriented, which some people feel makes it easier for beginners to learn.

While accessible enough for novices, the style and capabilities of C# make it an ideal language for gaining a broader grasp of programming in general. It will explain this programming paradigm in further detail in our tutorial on object-oriented programming.

C# is a safe language to learn as well. Low-level languages, such as C and C++, will execute practically any instruction as long as it compiles-even if those instructions do severe damage to your operating system. C# examines the code during compilation and throws errors and warnings.

C# also automatically maintains memory, so you don’t have to allocate and then de-allocate your data. Because beginner coders don’t have to worry about low-level computing, learning becomes easier. That’s why C# development services are always in high demand.

2. There is a sizable online community for C#

It’s never been easier to learn C#. A huge community of online teachers exists in addition to Microsoft’s vast and well-maintained material. From beginner to expert, YouTube videos and blogs cover every element of C# programming.

Official lessons for the C# language and programming for Windows and mobile platforms are also available through the Microsoft Virtual Academy. Stack Overflow, probably the most significant website for hackers, was developed in C#. Therefore it’s no wonder that it has a sizable community.

3. Microsoft supports it

According to the PYPL, C# is the fourth most popular language at writing (PopularitY of Programming Language Index). It was the sixth most in-demand language on in 2018, and with Microsoft’s support, it’s not going away anytime soon.

The language has been under active development for almost 20 years, and new features are constantly being added. The powerful LINQ library, built for high-level control of data structures and objects in your code, may be used with C#. In brief, the language is meant to aid in the tasks that programmers perform daily.

Microsoft’s integrated development environment (IDE), Visual Studio, was created in C#. While we may use visual Studio to program in any language, it is best suited for C# programming.

4. Game Development with Unity

It is a major draw for programmers to work with the Unity game engine using the C# language. Unity’s popularity is growing, and it is often competing with the industry-standard Unreal Engine. It’s simple to understand why, given that it’s free for small developers to utilize.

C # is critical beyond its appeal as a programming language, C# is critical since C++ is quicker but more difficult to master.

Unity is extremely simple to learn, thanks to a large online community that includes YouTube lessons, forum postings, and blogs. Many individuals learn C# using Unity while creating their first game. The project-based structure of game creation, along with its goal-driven character, makes it the ideal approach for novices to gain hands-on experience with the C# language. C# development services play a major role in game development.

5. Develop Multi-Platform Software

Windows continues to command the majority of the operating system market share. C# has been used to develop Windows programs using the .NET framework for almost 20 years. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft’s language and programming tools, such as Visual Studio, are the finest method to create apps for Windows.

Microsoft recently released .NET Core, an open-source, streamlined version of the .NET framework. It is free and simple to install, and it enables cross-platform programming. It means that any developer may construct console and web applications for any operating system.

6. ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core are two of the most popular programming languages

ASP.NET is the internet’s second most used back-end framework, trailing only PHP. Microsoft’s application service for dynamic web pages is ASP.NET, and C# is the principal programming language used with the ASP.NET framework.

As a C# developer, you would utilize the ASP.NET framework to develop Web APIs (Application Program Interfaces) that would dynamically provide data to your website’s users.

ASP.NET was also included in the .NET Core version. Because it can operate on any platform, the Core version of ASP.NET provides even more freedom for web development. Instead of developing your back-end on Windows for a Windows server, you can now create ASP.NET Core MVC (Model View Controller) websites for any server on macOS or Linux.

Is C# the Correct Programming Language for You?

C# is a popular programming language that is both strong and flexible. There are certain languages that you may or may not be able to learn online. If you want to go that route, you can either get a beginner’s guide to the Unity game engine or an online course in the language.

We hope this blog has helped you better understand the C# position in the software development industry and why it is such a popular and productive language. C# is a well-designed language that is in great demand among the world’s leading software firms. As a well-known C# development company, we have well-trained and experienced C# developers. Check out our C# development services to know more in detail.

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