10 Best Asp.Net Core Features to Know In 2023!

by Parth Patel 7 min read

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Best Asp.Net Core Features to Know In 2023

Microsoft’s ASP.NET framework is one of the most successful online application development frameworks. Each version adds new and enhanced capabilities that assist developers in developing highly scalable and performant web apps. Check out the best asp.net development services.

When used with application monitoring and other performance tools, such as a profiler, ASP.NET transforms into a powerful platform for developing special applications.

The framework itself has a plethora of capabilities that will assist you in overcoming typical development issues, extending the functionality of your projects, and optimizing speed.

ASP.NET Core has several features that help developers create better apps.

1. Cross-platform and container compatibility

With the release of.NET Core, you can now develop and publish ASP.NET apps on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Microsoft and the community have invested significant resources in making Linux a first-class citizen for ASP.NET development.

Containers are consuming the clouds at the moment. Docker, Kubernetes, and a variety of other technologies are gaining popularity. ASP.NET Core enables developers to make use of all of these emerging features. Microsoft Azure even supports container and Kubernetes deployments.

2. Exceptional performance

According to some, performance is a vital characteristic of your program. I tend to concur! With the release of ASP.NET Core and the Kestrel web server, ASP.NET is positioned as one of the quickest online application frameworks available. You may check out some great benchmarks at TechEmpower.​

The new Kestrel web server was completely rebuilt from the bottom up to use asynchronous programming paradigms, be far more lightweight, and be very fast! The ASP.NET integrated pipeline and IIS were built on around 15 years old technology. It accomplished everything and carried a great deal of luggage.

3. Asynchronous communication with async/await

Most contemporary apps spend most of their time and CPU cycles waiting for database queries to finish, web service requests to complete, and other I/O activities. ASP.NET provides outstanding support for asynchronous programming techniques. Async is currently supported in every common.NET Framework class and most third-party libraries.

4. Frameworks for MVC and Web API integration

Before the release of ASP.NET Core, developers mostly used the MVC and Web API frameworks. MVC was designed specifically for developing web applications that delivered HTML. The Web API was created to enable the creation of RESTful services using JSON or XML.

MVC and Web API have been combined in ASP.NET Core. The two systems have always had a significant amount of overlap. MVC is always capable of returning JSON data instead of HTML. Combining them was an excellent decision that streamlined development.

Additionally, ASP.NET Core includes the new Razor Pages. They function similarly to WebForms while retaining the familiar Razor syntax. They enhance the MVC framework by allowing for the encapsulation of a page’s controller and model components, as well as two-way binding.

5. Diverse settings and modes of development

The new environment function is one of my favorite features. It enables you to quickly distinguish portions of your code based on their behavior in development, staging, and production environments, among others. Before ASP.NET Core, there was no standard method to do this.

For instance, it is used to configure your application’s Startup—Cs file. We may choose to display a more specific exception page for development purposes only in this situation.

6. Injection of Dependency

One of ASP.NET Core’s most exciting new features is built-in dependency injection. It is extensively utilized throughout ASP.NET MVC. The recommended method for passing logging contexts, database contexts, and other objects to your MVC controllers.

7. SignalR & WebSockets

WebSockets are well-supported in ASP.NET. It may be used to maintain persistent connections and interact with the browser. Additionally, SignalR is a complete framework that simplifies the handling of frequent cases.

We make extensive use of SignalR. For instance, while checking the current monitoring data for one of your servers, we rapidly transfer new data to your browser, allowing you to observe it change in real-time. These are ideal cases for WebSockets, and SignalR makes them simple to implement.

8. Protection Against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)

Security is critical. Additionally, it is one of those things that might need some effort to avoid certain forms of assaults. CSRF is a term that refers to the practice of hijacking a user’s authorized session to conduct an activity they did not initiate.

If your online banking session is genuine and the bank does not properly verify requests, that is possible. As an example, suppose you log into your bank account and then visit another website. If the other website can perform a POST to your bank’s website to transfer cash, it is negative.

ASP.NET has a robust foundation that helps avoid these sorts of attacks. It is capable of generating anti-forgery tokens.

9. Web Applications that are “self-hosted” and Extensible Output Caching

Occasionally, you’ll need to create a web application that will be delivered to a desktop rather than an IIS server. Prefix, our free ASP.NET profiler, is an excellent illustration of this. Its front end comprises HTML loaded through an ASP.NET application running as a Windows Service. Have a look at the best asp.net development company.

There are various methods for developing a self-hosted ASP.NET web application. In.NET 4.5 may be accomplished via Owin, Nancy, or WCF. We utilize ASP.NET Web API in conjunction with Owin for Prefix.

Additionally, you may utilize the regular Kestrel web server with ASP.NET Core. One of the significant benefits of.NET Core is that your web application is fundamentally a console application. IIS acts as a reverse proxy in front of it. It implies that you can also utilize kestrel to deploy your app for non-server-based use cases like Prefix.

This feature enables ASP.NET to cache the output of a page and provide the cached content in response to subsequent queries. It caches not regularly updated data and outputs that data from a cached place.

ASP.NET makes it simple to define how long every request should be cached through standard HTTP headers. Additionally, it supports caching output inside your web server’s memory. Additionally, you may utilize Redis or another cache provider to manage your output caching.

10. Globalization and Localization

With ASP.NET, localizing dates, numbers, and text inside your online application are simple with ASP.NET. If you want your program to be utilized globally, localization is critical.

ASP.NET allows you to customize your application for many languages through resource files. These resource files serve as the primary repository for all texts, and web pages may read them to fill their labels. There are two distinct categories of resources:

## Local Resources – those that are particular to a page (i.e., there will be a local resource file for every page)

Global Resources – this section is shared by the whole website (i.e., one resource file accessed by all pages)


ASP.NET Core represents a significant advancement above prior versions. We’ve highlighted some essential characteristics in this post that you should be aware of. Some are new, while others are long-standing ASP.NET capabilities.

Prefix and Retrace, two of our solutions, both offer exceptional support for ASP.NET Core. If performance monitoring is critical for your apps, you should certainly check out Retrace. Our team of top asp.net developers in India draws on expertise in various sectors to create unique ASP.NET development services that help clients tackle the most difficult IT challenges.

Throughout the lifespan of an ASP.Net online application, we adhere to industry best practices. We combine our technical experience to assist you in developing technological solutions based on
user behavior, new capabilities such as legacy application migration, or the development of a high-traffic web application.

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