Top Tips for Great User Interface Design

Every business needs customers, customers will decide the strength of the business and market value. Also, a website needs the best visitors and users. But maintaining the exact visiting count for a website depends on the User Interface Design. The customer won’t buy a product if it’s not looking good or any damage has occurred to it.

Likewise, if any website with a poor user interface, the visitors won’t visit again. Best UI gives the best outcomes and profit in your business. Based on customer satisfaction, the business will get reach in great peak.

So, Let’s see what are the ways to admire the users of your website by the best UI designs.

User Interest / Easy Access

The user is definitely going to access or get some information or do some transaction through your website. So, the user must need some instructions at the beginning of the installation or opening of the page. It makes the naive user understand and do their tasks efficiently. The Simple and Cache User Interface Design makes the users visit again the site and usage get increases.

Compatibility / Platform Independent

The user may log in or visit from different platforms, browsers, devices. So imagine the scenario, the user uses the same website or application from different browsers on different devices at different times. The user must feel the same compatibility in both of the devices and browsers. That is the best UI. The UI architecture may differ from each other, but the compatibility for the user must not face any difficulties.

Immediate Responses / Request

The website/application must need some required amount of speed to feed the user query. If there is so much loading or so much delay in processing a query, the user may get fed up, which leads to reduce the reputation of your website and business. A redirection path must be present if any maintenance process is going on while the user is accessing the website/application. If the redirection path is not good, apologize to the client for the inconvenience.

The delay in query processing while the customer is in the urge for information also not good for your website. Even it’s not the mistake of the employee/customer associate, the website has to support and respond to the customer for the inconvenience.

Noticeable CTA

CTA, also known as the Called to Action button, is designed to engage the public for any action. Typically presented with buttons, tabs, or links, they’re the core factor of conversion, high usability, and navigability. Not designing properly increases the danger of poor conversion rates and general user experience. Even more, it’s going to result in a tragic situation when your website educates and convinces users but the acquisition is finished on the opposite side simply because navigation there’s simpler. Thus, CTA has got to be the article of deep designers attention. In any interface, it should be one in every of the foremost prominent and quickly noticeable layout elements to tell users how they get what they need.

Highlight the Contents

The major areas like financial sites, transaction, and booking sites need some highlight spots for spending money, storing logs, forgot password, reset password, select, delete options. It makes the user do their emergency and necessary tasks with no delay in finding these options. Provide directions for the next page or previous pages, if the site possesses over one page.

Bug Testing

The testing team must test the UI by some real-time users for improving the user experience. The team has to find the difficulties for the user while they accessing the website/application. The testing team provides the report. Based on the report, the designing team will enhance the design for a better experience.

Gestalt Principle

Gestalt is that term coming from psychological science. It refers to the domain managing the laws of meaningful data perception. The knowledge people obtain from the globe around looks primarily chaotic, so that they subconsciously try and systemize it. It works on different levels of perception, but the visual part is the most interesting for designers. Gestalt principles afford understanding user’s psychology and behavior better. As a result, exploring the factors influencing beholding, UX designers come closer to high rates of successful interactions. Also, they lower the extent of misunderstandings users could face.

Use Standard Protocols

Use the basic standard protocols which are already in usage with a huge reputation. For example, The UI for Blog sites doesn’t need transaction links. So decide what exactly your website/application needs without affecting the basic standards.

Notification Panel

The notification is mandatory for further updates/offers/new arrivals. The notification has the key to admire the users and make them visit the website/application. So, build the notification panel neat and relevant for the content and also cache. Provide enough content regarding the context.

Voice Sensors

The voice recognition sensors will make the tasks easier. Especially for blind people.

It will reduce the touch and search utilization. Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri follows this protocol to enhance user-friendliness and reduce the time consumption while typing for getting information.


For the best website/application, the Best UI design speaks about the quality of the site and its services. Hope the article made you more aware of UI designs for your desired website/application. Make sure your site must be visited by more people.

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Mobile App Developer

Every recruiter must know the hiring ethics while recruiting people for the job design. Here, in this article, we shall learn together, which is good for both clients and for the candidate. As a recruiter, we can ignore some mistakes.

Let’s see what they are and how to avoid them.


While interrogating the candidate for mobile app development, as a recruiter the client has to find out which candidate has more expertise in this field than his/her experience. Some candidates possess more knowledge in a short time, others may have pleasant experience but not much that knowledge. So, priority-wise, expertise matters than experience.


As a fresher, the client can give the option or the client will ask, How much of the package do you expect? For an Experienced Candidate, the candidate may demand a particular amount of package. So, the client has to know what questions he is going to ask the candidate and plan accordingly. The client will expect more from the developer, but it depends upon the price/project budget. So, Hire the candidate according to project needs.


Hire a candidate who can satisfy your requirements and job design. For example, if you need a Java App developer, you cannot hire a python developer. So the candidate may be the king in other programming languages, but it does not matter here. The recruiter’s role is to hire the exact technology-related candidate. So, plan accordingly for the right candidate at the right technology.


Before requesting the candidate for the interview, the client has to confirm the details mentioned in the resume. The client has to check the app developed by the candidate to analyze the developing and designing skills. Reviews and appraisal by the clients about the candidate matters.


The recruiter has to ask some scenario-based questions to test the work ethics of the candidate whether his/her ethics is good for the project and his/her team members. If he is not communicating with others, the lack of communication will lead to a lack of process. This is obviously not good for both the candidate and mainly for the client. The recruiter also has to test the communication skill of the candidate.


Don’t ask the candidate who lives far away to come to your workstation and work for you. It will be a tedious job for him. So, prefer to choose the candidate from a nearby location otherwise accommodation service needs to be given if you want him to come and work at your place. You can also Hire a Mobile App Developer who can work from their own work station or their agency’s work station. It can very comfortable for both client and candidate to measure and track the candidate’s work.


Don’t hire the candidate while you are in some urge or some other work pressure. The recruiter/client has to pay attention to this area. Also, make sure of all the required questions you asked the candidate. Urgency is not good for both recruiter and the candidate because finally, the loss will come under the client’s norms. So, Be calm and polite while hiring the eligible candidate.


The developer candidate must have to know about the platform complexity and compatibility to develop the app according to the Operating systems. If the developer is not good at handling platform differences, the candidate does not suit your job design. Make sure the candidate can spend time learning new things regarding mobile application development.


The developer must know about the product life cycle from the analysis part to deployment. The candidate must be aware of the product size, budget, and deadline details. Make sure the candidate is aware of this protocol. Not only the knowledge regarding the developing team.


Recruiting is filtering the proper candidates for the correspondent job design. The client must know all the details regarding the job design and technology involved in mobile application development. Exact statistics about the project or profit of the current year.

Either a recruiter or a panel of recruiters must discuss which candidate to hire. The reason is the key factor for the organization and also for the team.

I hope the article lets you clear about the hiring mistakes while interviewing the mobile application developer. Let’s join in another great article!

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