A Complete Guide of Nintex – Pros, Cons, Pricing & Features

by Parth Patel 7 min read

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Automating workflows on a variety of popular collaborative platforms and enterprise content management systems is the focus of Nintex. Nintex can now link on-premises, mobile, and cloud processes. This online service, acclaimed as one of the world’s leading workflow companies, enables businesses to automate their operations. Nintex has an excellent price structure since it provides plans tailored to a business’s specific demands and budget. It implies that firms of any size may use the system to improve their understanding and automation of their operations. Also, check out the best nintex development services.

Nintex Features

Nintex Promapp:

An intuitive process mapping tool enables teams to see processes and then redesign and change them as required. The ability for teams to participate, provide comments, and be alerted of process changes enables you to maintain an enterprise-wide library of process maps as your single source of truth for critical organizational processes.

Nintex Shapes:

The ability to create complex and adaptable forms with related rules enables you to transform and enhance a wide variety of processes digitally.

Mobile Nintex:

Mobile capabilities enable teams responsible for the digital workplace to extend forms, workflow, alerts, and process optimization to mobile devices. Both iOS and Android have mobile-friendly interfaces. Some handy capabilities enable you to harness Nintex’s power for field and employees, such as offline data collection and QR code support. Additionally, an app studio feature enables some unique branding.


Nintex can assist you in designing both basic and sophisticated processes, enabling you to offer local and enterprise-wide workflows that result in real-world benefits. The process includes task assignment, automatic document production, document signature, and integrations. Additionally, the drag-and-drop design interface is simple to utilize.

Robot Process Automation (RPA) by Nintex:

Nintex’s RPA package has an attractive out-of-the-box bot capability for automating basic, repetitive operations. Automations may cover several applications and operate on a large scale.

Document production and electronic signatures:

Nintex also has the power to produce documents automatically as part of a process and to trigger e-signatures. This feature may take automation to the next level and possibly offer digital transformation to procedures, including contracts, product registrations, and service agreements.

Nintex Analytics:

A reporting and analytics package enables you to monitor the efficiency of your operations, discover trends and areas for development, and then quantify the effect of any changes you make. The suite is adaptable, allowing you to set KPIs and create data visualizations tailored to your requirements.

Nintex Pros

Nintex’s major characteristics include a user-friendly solution, an easy-to-use system, a comprehensive automation platform, and flexible pricing. Continue reading for additional information:


Individuals with a thorough understanding of their processes will gain the most from Nintex since it enables firms to better their work. However, it does not imply that newbies are unfit to utilize the system. Everyone, from novices to seasoned veterans, may benefit from the workflow automation features of the system. It is a platform that does tasks for its users rather than another system to learn routine chores.

Simple to operate

Nintex can help users save important time by using a drag-and-drop workflow design. The method prioritizes streamlining the procedure rather than limiting the available options. It implies that Nintex’s services are simple to use and run.

A platform for automation that is powerful

Nintex is robust enough to handle large business projects while being user-friendly enough to accomplish daily activities. Additionally, it facilitates the seamless integration of users’ works, documents, and data with presently utilized apps, such as instant messaging, social networking, email, and content applications. Nintex’s faster start-up, operation, and construction of numerous processes set it apart from competing automation solutions.

Pricing Flexibility

Nintex’s pricing structure is another outstanding aspect. The system is available on a quotation basis, allowing firms to customize their feature suite depending on their business requirements while keeping their budget in mind. Those interested in Nintex development services are encouraged to contact the firm and get a quotation. Existing clients of the platform see a rapid return on their investments. We offer the best nintex development services. They are also adamant about identifying new procedures within their job that will benefit from workflow automation, allowing them to save additional money and time that they might have spent on other vital aspects of their company.

Nintex Cons

There are a few constraints that you may experience throughout your migration, which are detailed below:

  • When your managed metadata controls are not attached to a field and relate to the enterprise keywords term set, default values are not translated.
  • Formulas are moved in their current state; they are not transformed.
  • No support is provided for external data fields.
  • If the referenced lists are not in the same site hierarchy (parent site or subsite) as the source site, the List Lookup controls’ list names and list views are not changed.
  • Web requests that refer to a URL for a service that is not a child of the parent site will be ignored.
  • Image control URLs are transformed only if the pictures already exist and are placed in the same relative directory in the destination.
  • The URL for the Cancel button’s redirection is not transformed.
  • When migrating from on-premises to Microsoft 365 Nintex Workflows, the app must transform the on-premises Nintex activities to Microsoft 365 Nintex actions. While ShareGate supports many activities, some are incompatible with the app. When the app comes across an action that it cannot transform, it replaces it with a placeholder action.
  • You want to access the Nintex Workflows associated with an item, but when you pick Workflows, you are presented with just your SharePoint Workflows.
  • When attempting to replicate Nintex workflows from Microsoft 365 to on-premises SharePoint, the app shows an error message indicating that the activity is impossible.
  • When transferring Nintex Workflows from on-premises SharePoint to Microsoft 365, an error notice indicates that the activity is not feasible.


Nintex offers the following price options:





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