A Complete Guide About Web Application Development

by Parth Patel 7 min read

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web application development

Web application development firms may generate apps for any company. In the past, websites were created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. A web app was bright and crisp online. Ajax turned basic web programs into user-friendly web pages. It enabled developers to construct sophisticated and dynamic web apps and development sites. Complex web apps with every functionality imaginable broke records. There was no turning back after that.

Every significant company has web applications and development tools. Microsoft, Facebook, and Instagram offer digital solutions to construct dynamic web apps. Web applications are fascinating due to their simplicity and mobile app experience. Many company owners and entrepreneurs are interested in bespoke web application development. Web applications are constantly evolving, as techies know. Non-techies are intimidated by new tech solutions. It’s like a rare, forbidden art. Incorrect. Web application development is straightforward to do.

This guide is for developers, entrepreneurs, SMB owners, and IT marketers. You’ll learn about web application kinds, how to construct one, pricing, and choosing a web development partner for your next project. We hope this guide demystifies web application development and clarifies the service.

What is a web application?

Web application development is an online service rendered using a web browser. Utilizing a distant server with client-side backend software, it functions. The same way we use an app to access social media accounts, book a taxi, or purchase groceries, a web application provides access to any online resource through a web browser.

What is web application development?

Web application development is creating a unique platform using a server-client programming approach. It begins with a target audience or corporate objective, selecting a technology stack, development, testing, and delivery.
However, why pick web application development over mobile applications?

Companies cannot effectively portray their goods and services without a web application that answers customer concerns. A web app is optimal for businesses to communicate with people on all platforms.

As there is no requirement to design native mobile applications, Web application development is preferable for small enterprises and startups on a budget. Web applications are accessed via browsers. Therefore the cost is cut in half with only one app.

The importance of a web application versus mobile applications is based on its commercial relevance. It improves brand recognition, sales, the company’s portfolio, values, and target market.

Apps must be downloaded from a platform and are costly to develop. In addition, native mobile applications are designed for Android or iOS, but web applications are accessible on any platform, mobile or desktop. Web apps also use mobile memory but can be accessed on any smart device through a web browser. Also, check How to choose right technology for web application development?

Types of web apps

This guide explains web application development. Five categories of web applications are classified by function and appearance. Let’s compare web app kinds.

  • – Static web applications

Static web apps are built on the server. The HTML and CSS web applications provide identical pages to users. Static web applications aren’t interactive and can’t be personalized.

Static web application pages are challenging to alter. After updates, the page must reload.

Companies should have basic, minimal websites. A static web application is good for portfolio and contact pages when the website doesn’t require user interaction.

  • – Dynamic web applications

Dynamic web apps are server and client-side interactions. Using a dynamic website, one may create a user profile, search for data, and more.

Dynamic web pages are produced by client or server-side input, not a default display order. These apps alter content using a CMS.

A dynamic web application may be constructed using PHP and ASP.Net. Web hosting, databases, and servers are required.

  • – E-commerce apps

An eCommerce web app handles orders and pays for online sales. Adding functionality to eCommerce web applications makes them tough to develop.

Web applications for e-commerce demand additional development, from tracking orders to preserving a product database. E-commerce web apps need more customers. A native app UI is appropriate for eCom applications.

  • – Portal web apps

A web portal is a web application that lets visitors access a given web app component from a homepage.

Online shoppers may need to log into a credit card or wallet to pay. Payment pages vary from landing pages and operate on portal web applications.

  • – Content management systems

A CMS makes developing, uploading, and updating web content easy. CMS enables non-techies to manage websites, blogs, and online assets. Building a system that non-technical people can use may save time and money.


The creation of a web application is not a path paved with flowers. However, if you follow the right way, you might make the best web application you wish. So here are the 10 points that will help you throughout your web application development process.

1. Mining the Ideas:

The first milestone of starting any project is the idea. You know the problem, and you must sit with your team and brainstorm ideas for the best-fit solutions. Don’t forget to do thorough market research to be aware of existing web applications in the market similar to yours.

2. Recognizing the functionalities:

After identifying the application you want to develop, the following step is to define its functionality. Don’t overburden your program with unnecessary features; concentrate on the portion that addresses the issue in web application development.

3. During application design:

The next step is to visualize the application. Yes, your application must be visually appealing. It should have a fantastic UI and UX for the program to be engaging to use. In addition, the application’s navigation should be simple so that users may explore it without unnecessary delay. In conclusion, your application should be user-friendly, interactive, and engaging.

4. Wireframing the application:

The next step is to create application wireframes. Wireframes bear the kind of blueprints which behave like the prototype of the final product. Make wireframes for every step, from the application launch to the last page. Here think like a user to understand the application step by step and make no mistakes in the navigation.

5. Testing Wireframes:

By testing your wireframes, validate that you are on the correct course for designing a fully working web application.

6. Creating application database:

On the backend of every program is a database that keeps user information. Consequently, you should begin creating your application database. Regarding data separation, primary key, secondary key, linkages, etc., your database should be visible. A successful online application also requires that the database’s security be ensured.

7. Front-end and Back-end:

Construct the front- and back ends of your application. Since the front end is user-facing, it should be interactive and user-friendly. However, the backend is not visible to the user but is essential to the application’s proper operation.

8. Testing the application:

Evaluate your web application using several inputs.

9. Get application hosting:

Now is the time to start your web application; thus, you want a hosting provider. Find a reliable server and ensure that your program does not crash while running.

10. Launch the application:

All prepared to go! You must now wait for customers to use the program in a realistic setting.

Cost of web app development

The entire web application development services in India cost is based on numerous aspects, including application complexity, tech stack, UX, and much more. Custom design, complicated programming, API integration, and more are needed for enterprise-level web application development. Web app development may cost $250K and take six months.

Web application development services will be a significant advantage in 2022. Web apps are better than native or hybrid apps since they function on any device, OS, or network. Anyone with an internet connection, sometimes without one, may utilize a web app to interact profitably with a firm.

Are you ready to create your business’s web application? Our one-stop web application development company employs top web app developers and designers in India.


What is a Web App?

A Web application (Web app) is software that resides on a distant server and is distributed via the Internet through a browser interface.

What Are the Types of Web Applications?

  • Static web application.
  • Dynamic web application.
  • Single-page web application.
  • E-Commerce web application.
  • Rich Internet web applications.
  • Content management system web application.
  • Portal web application.
  • Animated web applications.
  • Benefits of Web Application Development

  • Cost. Developing a web app is far less expensive than other app development methods.
  • Updates. In contrast to other app kinds, web applications do not need frequent updates.
  • Customization. Many developers find it simple to modify web applications.
  • Download Essential.
  • Support for Platforms
  • How to Choose the Web Application Development Framework?

    Frameworks for web development are necessary for both small and significant development projects.
    If you want to start a new web development project, you will likely be overwhelmed by the sheer variety of web application frameworks available on the market. We can assist. Please get in touch.

    How Much Does Web Application Development Cost?

    The cost of designing a small app with minimal functions and user interface might range between $2,000 and $17,000.

    UX, which involves tiny web app developers and designers, may cost between $20,000 and $40,000 for applications with a professional UI that are more complicated. It may take up to three months to mature.

    Which are the best platforms for web app development?

    Five highly recommended web app development frameworks

  • Ruby on Rails
  • AngularJS
  • Asp.net
  • Node
  • React
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