5 Best Ways to Build iOS Apps on Windows

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The biggest obstacle preventing you from developing iOS apps in Windows is XCode, an integrated development environment (IDE) required to design and build iOS apps. XCode is equipped with a Swift compiler, an interface builder, and other tools necessary for uploading your app to the app store. Mobile development has changed the game for development teams by giving them access to a larger audience and offering new avenues for marketing and distributing apps. Developers can even test and launch iOS apps on their own devices from any platform they choose by using modern tools and IDEs. Hire iOS app developers from Sapphire Software Solutions for your upcoming projects. Our Mobile App Development Company in USA is known for delivering quality and unmatched services.

Another problem is that you can’t purchase a personal computer that runs Mac OS since, in contrast to Microsoft, Apple doesn’t share licenses for its operating system with any other companies. When you buy OS X, you get a license to use this operating system exclusively on Apple devices. This restricts you from developing applications that are only compatible with Mac computers.

Android or iOS What’s your best bet?

The Android and iOS operating systems are well-known and popular among software developers due to the capabilities and amenities that each platform provides. There are discrepancies in the methodologies used during development and maintenance, as well as differences in the product marketing tactics, even though the architectures are comparable. However, each has characteristics that attract software developers to it more than the others. These characteristics range from supported programming languages to system-specific design modifications.

From the customer’s perspective, many businesses have a selective audience and a significant need for increased levels of protection and privacy. Because of this, the client’s expectations of a more significant return on investment are raised, and they become more likely to prefer putting their attention on the development of iOS rather than Android.

A corporation might lose many customers if they do not prioritize developing the Android operating system (OS). However, Android now has the dominant position in the worldwide market for mobile operating systems, with a market share of 70 percent as of December 2021, while iOS only holds a market share of 29.24%.

How can you decide on the best operating system that will meet your requirements and the demands of your business? The following are a few significant distinctions that might assist you in making an informed decision.

The benefits of developing iOS apps on Windows:


An Apple device is required to build iOS app, but not all prospective app developers have the financial means to purchase one. Even if there could be a fantastic concept just waiting to be developed into an iOS app, the high price of Apple goods can make it difficult for the project to get off the ground. A path may be taken to close the gap between iOS applications and a developer who can create Apple applications on Windows.


For a long time, ensuring iOS development on Windows or any other computing device was only possible if it worked on macOS. This was the case despite macOS being the dominant operating system. In this day and age, engaging in iOS development on Windows has become feasible. Developing and debugging an iOS application on Windows needs some customization, but it is now viable. You can also get it done professionally if you Hire Mobile App Developers in USA from us.

Greater Access to Programming Languages:

Over the years, Windows has worked to build a standard that allows apps to interact efficiently with various kinds of assistive technology. The simplicity of using Windows is unparalleled. It gives programmers the tools they need to create programs by systematically addressing and resolving any questions or concerns about the Windows Application Programming Interface (API).

Because of all these attempts to make Windows more accessible, it has established itself as the most user-friendly operating system. This is particularly true now that Windows 10 has received an upgrade that enables users to access Apple’s Swift programming language on it. In addition, if you have a device that runs Windows, you may develop applications for users of both Windows and iOS by writing code in almost any language. You can also hire a Mobile App Development Company in USA to get help regarding app development.

Top 5 Ways to Develop an iOS App on Windows PC:

1. Install Mac OS using VirtualBox on a Windows computer:

Developing iOS applications on Windows with the assistance of a virtual machine is the most efficient method.

A virtual machine will create an environment in which any operating system can operate as if it were operating on the same hardware.

Virtualization is the name of this feature, enabling users to run Windows applications on Linux and even Windows applications on OS X.

You will need the following two elements to run Mac OS on a virtual machine:

  1. A copy of OS X is delivered either as an installer or a virtual image file.
  2. A program for creating virtual machines, such as VirtualBox or VMWare

Downloading it from the App Store will provide you with a copy of OS X that you may use.

Installers are another thing that may be found online from various places.

Remember that using Mac OS on hardware that Apple does not manufacture violates Apple’s End User License Agreement (EULA). If you are facing difficulty doing it yourself, Hire Mobile App Developers in USA who are experts in their field.

2. Rent a Mac in the Cloud:

Leasing a Mac over the Cloud will be a more costly option, but it will also be a far easier method for acquiring OS X. Mac-in-the-Cloud and Mac-Stadium provide rent-a-Mac options at competitive prices.

Through the use of a Remote Desktop Connection, you can access those Macs that are hosted in the Cloud (RDP).

In addition to most Linux operating systems, Windows comes pre-installed with a Remote Desktop client that you may use. After successfully logging in, you will be able to install XCode as well as your iOS app development services.

3. Create iOS applications on Windows by using cross-platform technologies:

Surprisingly, using cross-platform technologies, your application only has to be written once before it can be exported to iOS or Android.

As a result, you may spend half as much time and money developing your application. A few cross-platform tools make it possible to design iOS applications on a Windows PC, and others make it possible to build the software on a Mac that is part of your local network. Both of these things are possible thanks to the existence of these tools.

The assertion that cross-platform app development tools provide restricted access to and support for smartphone hardware, in addition to the perception that these tools are not as “smart” as those offered by their rivals, is one of the most prominent complaints made against these tools.

It is essential to keep in mind that if you want your product to run on several platforms, you will, at some point, have to create code that is particular to each platform. This is especially true if you want to include any one-of-a-kind features. To learn more, Hire Mobile App Developers in USA from us.

4. Code with a Swift Sandbox:

Since Swift is an open-source programming language, it can be executed on any computer hardware. Therefore, you will also be able to execute it on your web browser, provided the language has been ported to Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

Using Swift Sandbox makes it possible to study Swift and develop with it even if you do not own a Mac or XCode. The program will upload the code to a website when you execute a code in Swift Sandbox. The web server will compile the code, which will then return the result.

Therefore, you will also be able to execute it on your web browser, provided the language has been ported to Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

5. With the Hybrid Framework, Xamarin:

Regarding iOS development on Windows, hybrid frameworks provide a cost-effective and inexpensive solution, representing a more economical option to Cloud Mac.

Most developers believe Xamarin is a reliable alternative because it generates native output. C# is the programming language that is used for this project. It is a feature-rich platform that allows users to design and construct iOS apps from inside Windows and then distribute them to iOS devices. Users may then utilize the applications they have created.

To continue creating apps, React Native, or another cross-platform simulator can be utilized. Although you can test it on Mac and Android, you rarely need to deploy apps for testing. Increase customer loyalty and keep a devoted user base by making your product simple and increasing client interaction. Contact our Best Mobile App Development Company to create the best apps in no time.

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Making small business apps might be frightening, but you can create a great app with the right approach and a little assistance. The lower recruitment expenses are the primary benefit of working with Sapphire and hiring their developers. As a Mobile App Development Company in USA, we provide full-time support, and our hourly fees are quite competitive.

If you wanted to start creating on iOS but couldn’t since there wasn’t a Mac OS available, then one of these options is precisely what you need to get started. You can get iOS app development services at the best possible rates from Sapphire. Creating iOS apps on Windows is possible in various ways, although it is not advised. You can’t test your app right immediately on a Windows computer using an iOS simulator. Our iOS development company has several years of experience delivering app development services.

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