iOS vs Android: Which to Pick for App Development?

by Parth Patel 7 min read

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iOS vs Android Which to Pick for App Development

Google’s Android is open-source. It’s open-source and free. Thousands of smartphones and smart home devices utilize its models. LG, Sony, Samsung, and Xiaomi use Android for their smartphones.

Android mobile apps used Java until 2019 when Google introduced Kotlin as its replacement programming language. iOS is Apple’s mobile OS. IOS is more closed than Android and has a uniform UI with fewer modification possibilities. Apple designs guarantee pleasant aesthetics. The newest Android applications are Swift-programmed.

Swift, released in 2014, was superseded for mobile use. Objective-C was Apple’s programming language before. iOS and Android development are distinct and need unique skills and methods.

iOS vs. Android Development Comparison: Benefits

Android and iOS applications are still tied. Both platforms are ideal. Many iOS and Android mobile app development businesses feel that platform selection relies on target demographics.

Enterprises may profit from Android and iPhone app development.


  • – Flexibility: Open-source offers unlimited program customization.
  • – Global Crowd: Android Platform is increasing in emerging nations like Africa, Asia, and South America and has a considerable market share.
  • – Android wins geeky users and specialized application software.
  • – Design Principles: Google design guidelines help programmers create a beautiful User Interface.
  • – Google Play approves apps in two days or less.


  • – Reaching Developed Countries: iOS applications and devices are mainly released in North America and Europe. It enhances monetization.
  • – IOS’s more straightforward development approach lets you grow rapidly and cheaply.
  • – Financially Profitable Market: iOS consumers spend three times more than Android users, making iOS e-commerce applications a strong potential.
  • – IOS is a popular gaming, social networking, and novelty platform.
  • – Robust Security: iOS protects user data from developers and businesses.

iOS vs. Android Development Comparison: Cons

Let’s find out more about android and ios app development:


Like everything else, the Android smartphone operating system is not entirely flawless.

  • – Testing and adapting Android applications for cross-platform development may be expensive. The performance of the application may vary by device model.
  • – Android consumers spend a negligible amount of money on applications. According to a poll, Google play store user expenditure in the first half of 2021 was just $23.4 billion compared to Apple’s app store.


Among the iOS’s restrictions are-

  • – The iOS app clearance procedure is more challenging than the Android process. Approval of an application takes time, and it might be denied if it seems unnecessary and unworkable.
  • – Apple requires app developers to adhere to their UI guidelines. As a result, all iOS apps will seem not just streamlined and organized but also cohesive. Google, however, offers more creativity and flexibility in interface design.

Difference Between Android Apps vs. iOS Apps Development:

Android app development generates apps for smartphones and tablets running the Android Operating System. IOS app development is the process of creating applications for Apple iOS-based smartphones and tablets.

Your application’s growth and development greatly depend on the platform you pick.

Let’s examine how Android app development differs from iOS app development and compare iOS and Android development in depth.

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Programming Language:

Typically, Android applications are developed using Java and similar languages. Java is the most popular programming language among application developers.

Unlike Android applications, iOS apps are written in Objective-C. It is also a simple language, particularly if you have experience with C and C++ programming.

App Development Tools:

Android is an open development platform that supports various third-party applications and tools. It is advantageous for developers since it allows them to experiment with different features and add additional functionality to apps.

Apple offers its platform for application creation, although with a restricted collection of tools. However, developers may utilize other means for app creation. However, this limits their ability to experiment with novel approaches.


iOS app creation is more straightforward than Android app development due to the iOS platform’s and devices’ streamlined structure.

Many devices use the Android operating system with various construction and development requirements. IOS is exclusive to Apple devices, and their construction is the same.


Apple’s framework for app creation is distinct and reliable, with specialized tools and limitations. In contrast, the Android operating system is flexible and supports dynamic app creation for any purpose, including multitasking.

This beautiful feature causes problems for novices unfamiliar with the concept of multitasking in applications.

Development Time and Expense:

Even though both Android and iOS support cross-platform development, Android application development services require more time than iOS app development due to the vast range of mobile devices.

For iOS app development services, IOS programmers must design programs for a single platform, which requires little work.

The app development cost depends on various variables, including the number of targeted devices, development platforms, and tools.

Android app development is more expensive than iOS due to the diversity of Android devices and platforms. The good news is that Integrated Development environments like Android Studio can run on any modern PC, but Apple’s Xcode development platform is exclusively compatible with Mac systems.

Are you uncertain about the best Integrated Development Environment Availability?

Well, both Android Studio and Xcode have their advantages and disadvantages.

Android Studio can effectively produce several app versions for different devices and provides a customizable mechanism. In contrast, Xcode has an excellent source editor. However, it’s superficial. All developers have unique preferences depending on their habits and interests.

Application Testing:

Before launching their apps, programmers may test them on the Android development platform equipped with the most excellent testing environment and tools.

Apple’s Xcode has a testing platform. However, it is inferior to what Android offers.

App Publication:

The procedure of uploading applications to the Play store is pretty straightforward. After the clearance process, it typically takes a few hours for an app to become accessible to users.

However, before accepting your program, the Apple store will thoroughly test it for every conceivable issue and validate it. It is time-consuming and more expensive than the Google Play store.

To dominate both platforms, developers often prefer to construct a single cross-platform application development despite the existence of two native products. Cross-platform development provides various advantages, as it decreases total developing cost, boosts speed, has a unified interface for Android and iOS, and has better audience reach.

Moreover, with cross-platform development, the code architecture is complicated, and there will be a need for more features and flexibility.

IOS Development vs. Android Development: Which is superior?

In this comparison of Android app development vs. iOS app development, you may have anticipated that the solution to this issue relies on the project’s needs. Before beginning the mobile app development process, consider hiring android and ios app developers.  Regardless of your choice in our definitive comparison of Android apps vs. iOS applications development, getting our iOS app development services will boost your likelihood of success.

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Is iOS development more accessible than Android?

It is widely known that the programming languages used to construct native iOS applications are simpler to learn and master than those used to develop Android apps, making iOS app development a more attractive alternative for novice programmers. Apple’s Swift language is used to create iOS applications.

Which is more powerful, iOS or Android?

Some Android smartphones are manufactured with formidable internals and astounding performance. In general, iOS devices are faster and more fluid than equivalent Android smartphones.

Which is the safest, iOS or Android?

According to studies, mobile malware targets Android much more than iOS, iOS is safer for this reason and all the others described in this article. Malware can be removed from Android and iPhone, but it is preferable not to acquire it in the first place.

Do programmers prefer iOS or Android?

IOS development is often more straightforward for both novice and professional programmers. IOS applications often need less time and money to create and maintain than Android applications. Swift, Apple’s native programming language, is used by iOS developers, while Android developers commonly utilize Java and Kotlin.

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