Top 5 Key Features of SharePoint Development that you should know

by Parth Patel 7 min read

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According to research, 85 percent of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft SharePoint to manage their day-to-day operations. You may be wondering why these prestigious companies choose SharePoint and why is this so critical?

We may ascribe the significance of SharePoint to two factors: its simplicity of use and the convenience it provides companies. SharePoint’s dual functionality as a document management tool and collaboration platform enables companies to connect their workflows efficiently.

SharePoint’s comprehensive range of technologies and integration capabilities contribute to an organization’s cohesiveness by streamlining internal procedures. Check out the best Microsoft Sharepoint development services.

What are the SharePoint features?

Microsoft SharePoint enables your business to make use of a variety of features. It changes workplace culture by bringing a whole staff together via the use of constructive technology. This section will go into these characteristics and examine how they contribute to an organization’s strength.

1. Flexibility and safety:
SharePoint enables you to create intranet sites that serve as an internal internet for your business. Additionally, you may carry your workplace in your pocket with your SharePoint intranet. As a result, doing routine company activities becomes feasible with little effort.

Whether for approval, review, or tracking, you may start, monitor, and report on the process all from inside the SharePoint environment. This private network inside a company is very beneficial for exchanging information while also guaranteeing data security.

Any organization’s first concern should be security, and nobody would jeopardize their data security in these days of cyberattacks, hacking, and fraudulent operations. By hosting SharePoint on a single platform, you eliminate the danger of data breaches.

When it comes to document sharing, it incorporates powerful security features such as document access controls, modification rights, and so on. Different configuration options are available to handle data with varying degrees of sensitivity.

It is especially advantageous in sectors where experts are required to adhere to stringent document control rules. SharePoint enables the easy creation of these settings and audit policies.

2. Simplifying and Integrating Business Processes:
It is the beauty of collaboration platforms such as Microsoft SharePoint that they allow for the streamlining of business operations via the centralization of data. Customers, partners, and suppliers may all be managed via the SharePoint site’s contact management system (CMS).

It has the benefit of assisting businesses in making educated choices, comprehending trends, and streamlining their business processes appropriately to save time, effort and accelerate operations.

One of the most important advantages of Microsoft SharePoint is the ease with which it can be integrated with other business applications. SharePoint may be connected with a wide range of technologies, including Microsoft OfficeSuite, ERP, CRM, and Office 365, to provide a more comprehensive experience. In addition, it is compatible with all major online browsers, including Internet Explorer.

Apart from enabling integration with other applications, it also enables you to centralize all of your work environments.

3. Content Optimization and Data Management Simplified:
Any organization’s content management system is critical, and it is how they communicate updates, ideas, and news about their company both internally and publicly. Users may use Microsoft Office to create, edit, and publish documents and convert them to various other formats using SharePoint.

SharePoint enables you to plan and schedule material for publishing. Additionally, it facilitates the administration of multilingual material.

Employees are often overwhelmed with data in companies. Organizing papers, replying to emails, generating various formats, and sharing with other people—the list goes on and on.

SharePoint simplifies and streamlines data administration. Data management becomes simple with its centralized storage, cloud support, alerts, and unified documents. It provides workers with just the information they need and does not overload them with unnecessary information. As a result, SharePoint makes it easier to maintain track of all data. Check out the best Sharepoint development services company in 2021.

4. Individualization and centralization of management:
The greatest aspect of SharePoint is its customizability. Customization of SharePoint is feasible to meet the unique requirements of a particular business. We may customize SharePoint environments to meet the specific needs of a project or organization. It provides access to a variety of unique features and tools in addition to the standard ones.

Thus, you can tailor them to your organization’s needs during the SharePoint development services/process. It is an excellent feature that not all platforms offer.

The main advantage of SharePoint is its simplicity. Centralized administration makes this feasible. From a single place, an administrator has complete control over all key operations. Management of applications, system settings, configuration settings, backup, and security can all be done from a centralized location via a single console.

It enables more efficient control of the entire platform and broad administrative capabilities. Thus, regardless of the size of your organization, management becomes a breeze.

5. Efficiencies in cost-cutting and real-time collaboration:
This advantage of SharePoint may be attributed to its cloud-based nature. Cloud storage significantly reduces the cost of data storage. You may get stored in the cloud based on your needs. You do not need to pay for a large storage capacity all at once. You may purchase less or more storage space based on your requirements.

The advantages that real-time collaboration in a SharePoint environment provides are unmatched. It is particularly apparent in the area of document control. It enables concurrent editing of documents by many users, thus facilitating cooperation. However, it also takes care to avoid duplicate records.

It is possible to get all versions of a document using its document version history. As a result, we may preserve previous versions if necessary or get any intermediate versions in the event of a dispute. Additionally, it keeps track of information such as when a document was last updated, by whom, and so forth.


Our Microsoft SharePoint services include a thorough consultation to assist you in maximizing the output that SharePoint can provide. With our Microsoft SharePoint development services, we guarantee that the platform is optimized for collaboration and engagement for your team.

With our Microsoft SharePoint Consulting, we will enhance your central dashboard or portal with key performance indicators (KPIs) that are important to your company to assist you in making data-driven choices.

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