Top JavaScript Frontend Frameworks that You Must Know About in 2021

by Parth Patel 7 min read

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Top JavaScript Frontend Frameworks that You Must Know About in 2021

JavaScript is the most popular multi-paradigm web scripting programming language in this programming world.

So many developers understand that JavaScript has some issues and difficult parts, but still, so many developers used JavaScript programming language. According to survey 2020 conducted by stack overflow, 69.7% of surveyed developers gave preference to JavaScript.

When you are talking about the development of an application, Website, or Software, the JavaScript frameworks come in the mind for developers. In the past, you had a chance to work on one of the JavaScript frameworks if you are a developer.

Below are some of the leading JavaScript frameworks

  1. ReactJS
  2. AngularJS
  3. VUE.Js
  4. EmberJS
  5. Jquery


ReactJS is the widely used JS framework since it was launched by Facebook in 2003. ReactJS is the simplest framework to understand use to fix code reliability. Because of the constant update of features in the app or web. React is an open-source framework. As an ideal framework for those developers who want to maintain high traffic on the app or web and need a stable platform to handle it.

In react to every DOM object, there is another virtual DOM object. It creates a copy of the original DOM object and is a representation of the original DOM object.

In react, there are other features like Efficiency, Huge community, Easy tools, High performance, and downward data flow.

There are some drawbacks in ReactJS like poor documentation, tricky SEO, light focus on UI, and confusing JSX.


Angular was launched by google in 2016. Angular is one of the most powerful open-source frameworks. Angular ranked among the top 3 frontend frameworks that help developers to manage and write codes. Angular is the typescript-based web and app development framework. Angular has gained popularity in the last 2 to 3 years. Angular is widely used to create single-page applications and it extends HTML into the application to perform data binding. Through angular developers can create too many modules on a single page web application and because of this reason AngularJS popular in the programming world.

In Angular, there are other features like Modules creation, Custom Directives, MVC Architecture implementation, Two-way data binding, and Enhanced design architecture.

There are some drawbacks in Angular like Limited SEO options, a lot of versions, a lot of Boilerplate code, difficulty to learn, and CLI documentation.


Vue.JS developed in 2016. Vue.JS is another highly popular JavaScript framework that is used to create an interactive front-end. Vue.JS is one of the most powerful open-source frameworks. Vue.JS mainly used to develop UI and one-page applications. It is a reliable platform for developing cross-platform. This framework has high decoupling which helps developers to create interactive UI. Vue focused on the view part of a web page. There are so many companies using Vue.JS for their front-end development like Trivago and Oval.

In Vue.JS, there are other features like Easy code readability, Easy to learn, Easy integration, Solid tooling, Component reusability, Virtual DOM rendering, two-way data binding, and tiny size.

There are some drawbacks in Vue.JS like a Small number of users, a language barrier, fewer plugins, and more flexibility than required.


Ember.JS developed in 2011. It has gained popularity in application development. This is another open-source JavaScript framework that allows developers to develop out-of-the-box solutions. Ember.JS supports two ways of data-binding which make web development easy. Learning Ember.JS, not an easy task not all can learn easily. Because of this before choosing the project related to Ember.JS you need to careful and cautious. Ember.JS not a popular framework like React and Angular, Still some of the developers love to use Ember.JS. So many companies are using this framework like LinkedIn, Netflix, and Microsoft.

In Ember.JS, there are other features like Best architecture, developing a complex application, two-way data binding, and handling complex UI.

There are some drawbacks in Ember.JS like the lesser plugin, difficult to learn, and a small number of the user.


jQuery is a small JavaScript library to simplify the whole process of front “end development. jQuery is the easiest framework to learn and that is why so many developers prefer to use this language in their web application development. There are so many companies already using jQuery like Uber, Twitter, and Microsoft. jQuery is compatible with every browser.

In jQuery, there are other features like Easy to use, Compatible with every browser, lightweight, faster programming, Manu users, and Good API documentation.

There are some drawbacks in jQuery like not good for mobile app development, and the development of complex apps.


In web development JavaScript is still a dominant language, there are so many JavaScript frameworks to choose from. This is our top 5 suggested frameworks list that you must know in 2021. In any project, you need to carefully choose your framework before start working on the project. Because the right framework is the backbone of any application.

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