6 Best Angular Apps That You Should Try To Develop In 2021

by Parth Patel 7 min read

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Angular is a framework for developing web applications. It is based on TypeScript and is suited for individuals looking to launch their first Angular development company and businesses looking to create a market-leading app.

Team Google has been contributing to its improvement for many years. The narrative began with Angular, which is often referred to as Angular 1. This version was very popular for a long period, and many prominent applications are built-in in Angular. However, with Angular v.2, the “JS” suffix was dropped; it is now just Angular. It continues to improve year after year. In February 2020, the new and improved Angular v. nine was launched. It makes use of a new compiler called Ivy, which accelerates compilation and enhances component testing. The team spent two years developing, polishing, and releasing this new version, marking a new generation of Angular products.

The top six Angular applications that inspire you

Consult our comprehensive collection of Angular Applications.


There is no better way to demonstrate Angular’s capabilities than to examine the Gmail service. Gmail’s characteristics include a straightforward interface and an uninterrupted experience, and these are the performance criteria that all other websites should aim to meet. More than 1.5 billion people love the product, which is a compelling argument to choose Angular over other frameworks when developing a large user-oriented application.

Why Angular for Gmail?

Angular is a framework developed by Google’s engineering staff, and Google products make use of it. The critical point to remember is that Gmail is a single-page application. Unlike multi-page websites, this website renders data on the front end, allows offline access to cached data, and incorporates many incredible SPA benefits. The user experience of Angular-based applications is very impressive:

  • The initial load may take a few seconds; however, once the app is launched, you can access any email or browse any category right away.
  • Once installed, the Gmail app’s information is available offline; even if you don’t have Internet access, you can view recent emails.
  • Gmail’s Live Hangouts conversations are very simple to use and function well. The functionality was developed using Angular, and due to the included Angular module, anybody can now connect Google Hangouts with their Angular applications.
  • Forbes

    One of the most popular websites on the planet is also an Angular example. It is built using Angular 5 and answers the inquiries of over 74 million monthly users in the United States. It covers a range of subjects and shows how digital versions may become nearly as legendary as the magazine’s inaugural issue, released over a century ago.

    Why Angular? – Forbes

    Forbes performs well in all environments; Forbes looks well in all environments. Open it on your mobile browser and let us know how it works. Built using Angular, the Forbes author pages show the many benefits of utilising this framework as the primary tool for your project.

  • “Write once, use everywhere” principle: The Forbes website performs effectively on any device, operating system, or browser.
  • There is also an unbroken, rich experience available. Readers may scroll and explore the website for as long as they want; fascinating content emerges on the screen naturally.
  • Simple support and maintenance: As the framework evolves and develops, so does the Forbes website.
  • Upwork

    Where would you turn if you needed to employ a freelancer? Have you ever used Upwork to augment the skills of your team?

    Upwork is an Angular application. It is a service that connects businesses from all over the globe with freelance experts for any task; at the same time, freelance specialists from various nations may find part-time or full-time work. The service offers outstanding functionality, an easy design, and data security for all types of customers. The business claimed many years ago that it had 14 million user accounts in more than 180 countries. While the debate over freelancing vs. outsourcing for app development is critical, the popularity of freelancing continues to grow, increasing Upwork use figures.

    Why Angular on Upwork?
    As remote work and freelancing become more common, the freelance sector has enormous potential. The MVP is a quick and easy method to deploy an early version of the platform, and after the chicken and egg issue is resolved, it will begin to generate revenue.

    In a new tab, go to the Upwork website. Can you see all of these benefits being realized via Angular?

  • Integrated navigation: The framework includes pre-built solutions for simple navigation and filtering on any page.
  • Upwork, like many other Angular-based websites, loads quickly.
  • PayPal

    Without PayPal, online money transfers would not be as quick and easy; PayPal looks beautiful and performs very well due to Angular.

    PayPal enables money transactions between people and businesses. The platform now has over 305 million active users. The company’s rankings in a list of online payment service providers are strengthened by its website’s performance and capacity to manage heavy traffic.

    Why Angular for PayPal?

    Angular adds to PayPal’s core operations and opens us with huge possibilities for integration.

  • You’ll notice an Angular-based authentication function on a website that requires only a few clicks for both personal and commercial use.
  • With the help of checkout.js, an Angular utility, customers can complete their purchases without leaving the online store.
  • There is a wealth of information, tutorials, and guidance available for integrating PayPal with Angular websites.
  • With 126 million monthly visits, this website is well worth examining while analyzing Angular websites.

    A great approach to demonstrating how effectively Angular development company works is its implementation on the Weather.com Angular website. Here you’ll find weather predictions, relevant news, fascinating information, and entertainment material.


    “When we discovered that the fifth most popular website in the world, with a user base of half a billion people, had an interface that hadn’t been updated in more than a decade, we were shocked and disappointed.” Wikiwand creator Lior Grossman previously said. We considered the Wikipedia interface to be crowded, difficult to read (huge blocks of tiny text), difficult to navigate, and unusable.”

    Thus was created Wikiwand, an Angular-based software wrapper for Wikipedia articles.
    We can all agree that we’ve observed its bad design, navigational difficulties, and non-user-friendly interface when perusing the venerable Wiki. Wikiwand, a brand-new browser extension, considers all of these drawbacks and provides a more comfortable Wikipedia experience.

    Why Angular? Wikiwand

    The creators of Wikiwand describe two primary objectives for their product:

  • Reading ease has been improved because of Angular, which allows websites to be divided into distinct, easy-to-read parts.
  • Navigation -Wikiwand’s sophisticated navigation capability is available on both the web and mobile.
  • Using the Angular framework, the team claims “increased traffic and use” on a new version of the old Wiki.


    Consider JetBlue, an Angular-based website for a low-cost American airline. The airline transported more than 42 million passengers in 2019. As a result, the company’s app and website must be capable of handling heavy loads and presenting an impeccably designed experience to thousands of daily customers. And, for the time being, these software solutions are effective in doing this job. You can buy tickets, browse locations, see road maps, and access the flight tracker area of the website, among other things. Have a look at the best angular development company.

    JetBlue – Why the Angular Design?

    The dynamic capabilities provided by Angular are critical for travel and transportation applications. You will notice the following:

  • Convenient Booking and Flight Search tools that help you find the best deals.
  • Hotel and vehicle rental bookings are made possible via integration with third-party providers.
  • This well-known American airline always strives to improve the customer experience and aggressively recruits talented Angular Development Services to enhance the JetBlue app’s capabilities.


    We as Angular Development Company have developed various mobile and online applications using Angular technology, adding extra functionality to the end-user experience. During the development and testing phases of a project, our developers use the MVC framework. It ensures that you generate scalable Angular web apps with incredible capabilities that we can use across a broad range of business sectors. Our Angular Development Services use sophisticated methods and cutting-edge technology to create very innovative end products for our customers.

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