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How To Become a WordPress Developer in 2023: Tips to Get You Started

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How To Become a WordPress Developer

WordPress is a terrific open-source framework for creating stunning web pages without experience. Following these easy rules may help prospective content creators and writers improve their web development talents. Web development platforms have different features, functions, and advantages. Although designed for blogging and publishing, WordPress can adapt to user demands. In 2023, learn how to become a WordPress developer.

How To Become a WordPress Developer :

A comprehensive guide to becoming a WordPress developer is provided in this post. We will provide step-by-step instructions according to beginner to advanced levels of guidance.

WordPress fundamentals :

WordPress powers websites around the world, from small blogs to complex sites like Time Inc., Sony, and more. It is a free platform for content management and site builders. Bloggers and content developers love its unique features. You can hire WordPress developers to understand your requirement and create unique solutions.

WordPress was created 20 years ago to allow internet publishing. Bloggers and foreign media have embraced the platform.

WordPress’ first web formatting capabilities, including in-line images, made it more user-friendly. More users started blogging, making the platform more valuable.

Offers WordPress domain hosting, premium and free plans, and other valuable tools. The tools let busy professionals and non-coders alike design contemporary, beautiful websites. Although coding foundations are important, students need not worry about professionalism.

WordPress users can personalize widgets and content. The Yoast SEO plugin helps integrate third-party functionality for important functions on the platform.

Hiring essay services when you can’t write :

Students may earn money and enhance their abilities by doing client work. College students may use EduBirdie to compose essays when the job interferes.

1. Coding basics :

After learning WordPress’s core and features, start your development adventure by learning code. WordPress requires just basic CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and HTML skills.

PHP skills may be required to set up the WordPress error log on the user’s site. However, if you know JavaScript, you can automatically open platform external URLs in a new tab. This can aid in troubleshooting, bug fixes, and platform enhancement.

Understanding CSS and HTML help customize user webpages. As a WordPress developer, specific client-requested coding jobs will be more straightforward.

2. Access WordPress resources :

Once you understand the fundamentals of coding, review WordPress-specific resources to learn what makes code unique. Explore the following resources if you want to become a WordPress developer.

3. Envato Tuts+ :

This website has eBooks, how to use WordPress, and many other resources. The how-to instructions cover a wide range of topics, similar to the WordPress Codex, but they also contain videos and images for those who prefer visuals.

4. WordPress Codex :

WordPress Codex is the primary online handbook for WordPress, covering the fundamentals of site creation and how to add functionality to custom Plugins.

5. Know the Code :

If you like training videos, Know the Code offers distinct learning routes. This tutorial will teach you every aspect of creating plugins, mainly if you are an expert developer.

6. WordPress Developer Resources :

Manuals and code reference for theme development, APIs, the block editor, Plugins, and more.

Identify your niche :

Plugins, core software, and themes are 2021 WordPress developer choices. You may work in many fields, but it’s preferable to specialize.

Plugin developers customize Plugins. You may sell or submit a client’s Plugin to WordPress’s Theme Directory.

Core development creates and edits WordPress core, which you may obtain from the WordPress website. Any new developer may inspect the code and submit vulnerabilities or defects, even if there is a core team.

As a theme developer, you may post client-specific themes to WordPress’s Theme Directory. As with plugins, a third-party site might promote it.

APIs are also profitable and popular. Choose a target area that matches your abilities and interests.

Change a plugin or theme instead of starting from scratch. This lets you explore, tweak, and test findings without starting from scratch.

Create a private plugin or theme that allows customization. However, “adopting” a theme or plugin abandoned by another developer is better. This method lets you test code and resubmits modifications.

Create a testing development environment :

Creating a development environment speeds up and improves WordPress development. Theme, core and WordPress plugin files can be stored remotely or locally. You can rapidly evaluate and revise your work to get better results.

Your PC will store the files instead of the website’s hosting server. That way, you can work with other developers to fix bugs before publishing a custom theme, plugin, or security patch. Create test development environments manually or automatically.

Start a WordPress portfolio :

WordPress has a strong improvement community compared to Drupal and Joomla. You can solve problems and receive the product, network, and other updates by joining the WordPress community. This community can be reached through Slack, support forums, or global meetings.

Building a portfolio may help you get website development jobs. Create a portfolio to boost your chances of being employed as a freelancer or full-time employee.

Developer WordPress developers face several hurdles when recruited. You must accomplish several tasks and essays while providing excellent work to customers. Thus, work-study balance is a significant concern.

Tech resume :

A technical CV is as crucial as a portfolio for a WordPress developer job application. Repurposing the technical CV gives vital information to prospective employers for students who wish to freelance.

Technical resumes should include professional experience, abilities, projects, and education. Since you’re a student and novice, having minimal professional experience and education is all right.

Focus on other aspects while highlighting personal efforts and abilities. Providing as much information about your prior employment might boost your chances of being recruited.

Use tutorials and read regularly :

Goal-oriented WordPress development lessons might be beneficial. See how to publish a piece of an article instead of the whole thing. Tutorials will illuminate relevant topics.

Tutsplus, Treehouse, and Premium provide specific programming languages and WordPress tutorials. Find fun and simple tutorials to enjoy learning and applying the skills.

Using CSS, PHP, JSS, and HTML alone is foolish. Tutorial sites, however expensive, provide complete guidance. Learn everything from fundamental to advance to boost productivity and performance.

Beginners and experts should read top WordPress development articles and blogs. Reading regularly can help you learn the essentials and remain ahead. Check the best resources and apply what you know.

Theme/Plugin development :

WordPress themes are template files that change how a website looks. Doing so without messing with the core WordPress software means new software won’t immediately change the site’s design.

WordPress themes are popular because they allow website customization without changing the code. As a theme developer, you may create a custom theme for yourself, customers, or the public. Setting production objectives and techniques to achieve them is crucial.

WordPress plugins “plug into” sites and have various functions. They don’t affect WordPress core, making them great for developers. Plugins provide functions to web press websites, and their ecosystem is robust.

Third-party paid plugins to supplement the hundreds of free plugins in the WordPress directory. Depending on their aims, plugins may improve significant site changes.

Also, check out the Benefits of using WordPress and Trends of WordPress Web Design to increase your WordPress development knowledge.


Starting where you are and setting realistic objectives may make 2023 WordPress developers pleasant and profitable. Our WordPress development services are top-rated among users. As a WordPress development company in India, we have a team of dedicated WordPress developers to help you create a website as per your requirement.


1. how to become a WordPress developer?

Becoming a WordPress developer is relatively simple. As with most computer employment, expertise and practice are required. If you join a WordPress development course, it will take around six months to acquire the skills necessary to become an expert.

2. Who can become a WordPress developer?

Developers require knowledge of at least one programming language to perform more complex activities, despite WordPress’ user interface being intuitive and user-friendly. A client may, for example, be looking for an original design or feature for their website.

3. Is WordPress development a rewarding profession?

In general, being a WordPress developer is a lucrative profession. While this may require a lot of persistence and patience, the potential benefits are immense. This can be an excellent career option if you have the required skills and a keen interest in WordPress development.

4. Is WordPress preferable to coding?

With WordPress, you can have complete control without having to build your website from scratch or have any coding knowledge. You can quickly create and manage content, change your site’s layout and customize its settings through the dashboard, and extend its capabilities with plugins.

5. Is WordPress highly sought after?

If you’re a WordPress developer or interested in becoming one, we have good news: your talents are in high demand. More than 400 million websites, or more than a third of all active websites, are powered by WordPress.

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