Top 6 Trends of WordPress Web Design To Try in 2021

Last year, particularly in the last quarter, we saw a dramatic shift in many of the traditional WordPress site design ideas, and we can anticipate this to continue in 2021. WordPress quickly becomes the designer’s paradise for any custom site creation, with hundreds of new themes and plugins being added daily.

It will be prudent to examine these developments and predict how web design will evolve over several months. Let’s uncover the trends of 2021 if you’re ready to elevate your websites to a new level of sophistication. Also, Sapphire Software Solutions has been recognized as the best WordPress Development Companies by DesignRush.

These are the WordPress design trends to watch in 2021.

While we cannot examine it exhaustively, we will attempt to cover the main website design and development points this year.

Responsiveness and mobile-first design

“Huh! Your first response may be, “It’s nothing new.” Yes, the mobile-first design philosophy has been around for a few years now.

However, as mobile traffic to websites continues to grow, it’s clear that portable devices are rapidly becoming the main online access method for the overwhelming majority. Thus, responsiveness is not an option but a must. This year, things are anticipated to be reversed, with WordPress development company beginning with the mobile site version and progressing from there.

As mobile becomes the main access method for consumers, companies and publishers must prioritize developing mobile-friendly websites.

Age responsive design

No, this is not another response speech. Age responsiveness is a sophisticated notion that has nothing to do with screen size.

As the requirements of each individual who visits your website vary, adjusting to the user’s unique demands is a greater difficulty, yet this is the future trend.

It’s all about the demographic targeting of online users, which is already used in social media advertising and other promotional efforts. However, not all marketers use this approach to the fullest.

One of my neighbors recently complained that as he approaches the age of 60, Facebook has already begun flooding him with advertisements for senior products. That is a different story; let us now examine how a website may adapt to the user age while doing Plutusmark SEO.

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• They are customizing the navigation menu based on the user’s skill level.
• They are improving readability by adjusting font sizes and spacing.
• They are improving the viewing experience by adjusting color schemes and contrast.
The global web citizenry is exploding, and this year, more than half of them will be online, including youngsters, the elderly, beginners, and users of varying skills.

Using the illustration

Recently, illustrations have become more fun and adaptable. It will be made more user-friendly in the coming days and will be effective in various locations.

Today, businesses and websites have a plethora of choices on the WordPress platform for communicating a genuine feel, showcasing their personalities, and maintaining a strong character, enabling your online identity to connect with the target audience more quickly and effectively.

Custom images and combining the saturation power of colors

When we mention custom imagery, we do not mean that it must always be a picture. As representational imagery, you may use any site element. Typography is a fantastic choice that designers are using today.

Google Fonts has created many free fonts for use in bespoke typography, which is anticipated to gain popularity this year due to its departure from traditional typographical visual ideas.

With the increasing variety of screen sizes and the need for increased user comfort, the more readable bespoke fonts will go further in this direction.

Saturation’s impact never diminishes as it transitions from plain to bold and bold to the gradient. It is one of the newest trends in site design using WordPress. Today’s online design industry rewards the finest WordPress sites with strong and contrasting styles. Hire the best WordPress development company.

According to Buffer, the color selection’s science is very precise, with each hue eliciting a certain passion and feeling.
Additionally, when concentrating on design, a professional WordPress website designer keeps an eye on the most appealing and synchronized web design trends to elicit positive responses from visitors.

The Language of Colors
A strong contrast often helps accessibility by generating a resonant mood for consumers. Additionally, it attracts visitors’ attention and incentivizes them to play and remain on your site.
• Red – exuberant, energizing, passionate, and insatiable
• Blue denotes affiliation. Confidence, Credibility, and Trustworthiness
• Yellow-Illumination, Clarity, and Caution

Custom photography

Photography is critical. The days of stock photos playing a significant role in online design are long gone, and what consumers today want is something innocent and new.

Rather than repurposing other people’s visual ideas, designers and businesses are increasingly developing their own or hiring experts to capture their visions.

Design for storytelling

A single-page website is one of the most popular concepts that emerged last year. Rather than scrolling between several pages, condensing all the information on a single page has become a popular practice.

Additionally, parallax scrolling removed the need for endless clicking and simplified scrolling and navigation. Single page design provides designers with an infinite number of possibilities for simplifying website narratives.

However, not everything mentioned above may apply to you; instead, you must determine your website’s best WordPress design approach based on its content and type.

While these are anticipated patterns, you do not have to follow them mindlessly. Among other critical considerations, you must prioritize your company goals and customer requirements.

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