Top 8 Important Skills to Learn To Become a SharePoint Developer

by Parth Patel 7 min read

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Microsoft SharePoint is renowned for its streamlined cooperation, content management, high-end setup, and seamless cross-platform communication. Businesses are embracing new technologies and discovering their value in terms of channel consistency.

If you’re also interested in honing your development abilities as a SharePoint Developer, this blog is for you. The blog discusses the critical stages necessary for a novice to succeed in SharePoint development.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at what it takes to be a Microsoft SharePoint Developer.

1. Acquaint yourself with a Broad Range of Features:

Accept it. SharePoint has a large reach, and as a result, it has a variety of features to investigate. A Microsoft SharePoint Developer must be a problem solver. You should get familiar with the many out-of-the-box SharePoint capabilities, and it will assist you in quickly integrating clients’ chosen SharePoint solutions.

The more you comprehend SharePoint’s capabilities and intricacies, the clearer its developments will seem. There are relatively few SharePoint developers who are intimately familiar with all of its technical details. As a result, this is an ideal chance for you to establish a presence in the SharePoint market.

Additionally, some challenges develop when a business deploys a SharePoint system. These challenges may include network inconsistencies, unpleasant business processes, and organizational culture issues. It would be beneficial if you prepared yourself to deal with any challenges that may develop during the implementation of your SharePoint solution.

2. Get a complete SharePoint server:

A fully functional SharePoint server is critical for optimizing overall development performance. A full SharePoint server allows you to make errors and learn from them.
Second, having your environment provides you with complete control over your security, and it implies you can create accounts and modify their permissions. For instance, if you’re developing a process for several people, how would you test the workflow without establishing multiple accounts?

If you want to work on SharePoint development without having a fully functional SharePoint server, you will have a frustrating experience.

3. Resolve a Few Real-World Issues:

A training session or demonstration is insufficient to comprehend real-world SharePoint issues. If you master the art of problem-solving in the real world, you may quickly become a competitive developer.

Often, while implementing a real-world business process, processes get rather complicated. You may utilize various self-contained learning portals to simulate real-world situations.
Hands-on laboratories are an excellent example of such platforms; utilize them to investigate a new subject and, after you’ve mastered it, use it in your real work setting.

4. Examine the User Interface for SharePoint:

If you want to outperform SharePoint Development, examining all of the built-in features will help you pave the route to success. Understanding numerous built-in features helps the developer to operate seamlessly with diverse UI components.

Understanding how to use each component, including forms, layouts, pages, web parts, and site actions, enables the developer to add a new dimension to the SharePoint environment.
Additionally, if a developer understands when and where to insert these pieces, it demonstrates that he can entirely satisfy the customer’s expectations.

5. Avoid Creating a Complicated Solution:

SharePoint allows users creative flexibility, particularly with regards to the user interface. It implies that a developer may create a variety of unique web components, user controls, and style pages to customize the screen’s appearance. However, abusing freedom has several negative repercussions.

For instance, if you create items as a default, you increase your risk. Excessive flexibility will create a complicated solution that will introduce more problems, increase maintenance costs, and eventually strain your administration.

Additionally, you are not fully exploiting the robust out-of-the-box SharePoint capabilities.

Assume you’re developing a bespoke solution to show a grid of data, and you’re missing out on the ECB, the Ribbon, and a slew of other features. Additionally, you’ll need to handle security trimming. Rather than designing a complicated solution, you may depend on a single ListView that is sufficiently versatile and capable of managing everything.

As a competent SharePoint developer, you must understand how to push back when requirements cause problems in a SharePoint environment. Additionally, you will be expected to keep an eye out for chances to train your customers using SharePoint.

6. Select the Appropriate Platform:

Accept that studying SharePoint on your own is pretty difficult. You will always need assistance while beginning to acquire new skills. As a result, it’s critical to locate a suitable platform for sharing and learning new functionalities and technologies.

Seeking assistance from internet blogs may lead to confusion due to the information being either useless or outright incorrect. Developers might look for legitimate platforms or create a network of peers to share new ideas and techniques. Online groups and networks will also be a significant source of learning. Also, check out the best SharePoint development services.

7. Understand SharePoint’s Internals:

After discussing the aforementioned non-technical characteristics, it’s time to concentrate on the most technical aspects of SharePoint functionality. A developer must get familiar with SharePoint’s foundations, and the majority of the critical components are housed in SharePoint 2010s ’14 hive’).

A list of the fascinating items to look at and read has been compiled:

  • Characteristics
  • Script files in JavaScript
  • Stylesheets for XSLT
  • Configuration files
  • Files for documentation
  • Controls for the user
  • Images

8. It should be highlighted how critical it is to address real-world challenges.

Solving all of the real-world difficulties on Sharepoint will assist you in a broader sense and provide you with more uncomplicated situations throughout the SharePoint training classes. Getting hands-on experience in the lab is one of the finest methods to get acquainted with the subject. Once you’ve resolved real-world concerns, you’ll be able to resolve any workplace issues with the sharing point.


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