A Complete Guide of C# Tools: Profilers, IDEs, Automation Tools, Resharper & More

by Parth Patel 7 min read

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C # is a commonly utilized programming language in businesses, particularly those highly reliant on Microsoft. When you hire C# developers, make sure they have the knowledge of C# tools.

Let’s discover the famous C# development tools available for use.



The Prefix is a lightweight developer tool for .NET, Java, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, and Python that displays real-time logs, errors, and requests. It is completely free and works within your existing workstation.

Significant Characteristics:

Maintains a complete history of each online request
No need for clumsy configuration or code modifications
Instant download; gain instant insight into your code
Analyze logs by request
Identify concealed exceptions
Visualize SQL queries
Accurately identify questionable conduct


dotTrace from JetBrains is a profiler that assists in troubleshooting performance issues and optimizing programs.

Significant Characteristics:

Recognize the impact of SQL queries and HTTP requests on application performance
Analyze profiling data on a line-by-line basis and obtain detailed performance metrics
Acquires information on the duration of calls
SQL queries, HTTP requests, static methods, and unit tests are all profiled.
Utilizes Visual Studio to profile and visualize results

ANTS Performance Profiler

The ANTS Performance Profiler is a line-by-line profiling tool for.NET code, including C #.

Significant Characteristics:

Visualize SQL query and HTTP request performance statistics
Produces results on a line-by-line basis
Compiles data on historical performance over time
Provides insight into the long-term success of the company

N Profiler

The N Profiler is a quick, accurate performance profiler that offers detailed .NET performance statistics that can save you up to 90% of the optimization effort.

Significant Characteristics:

Determine whether database queries or lengthy I/O operations are contributing to performance concerns.
Organize performance metrics into a Call Tree that can be seen at the summary or detail level.



Retrace is the only developer tool that integrates application performance monitoring, logs, errors, metrics, and monitoring into a single platform to assist you in building better apps. Retrace is a cloud-based monitoring solution for production and pre-production servers that starts at around $10 per month.

Significant Characteristics:

Gathers performance information at the code level
Maintains application and server logs
Provides analytics for applications from several sources
Assists in tracking and monitoring errors
Integrates seamlessly with your existing stack
Risk-Free Trial


Visual Studio Code

The most popular code editor for C # programming is Visual Studio Code. Visual Studio Code’s C # plugin provides extensive editing capabilities and complete support for C # IntelliSense and debugging.

Significant Characteristics:

Awe-inspiring auto-complete with context-sensitive recommendations
Integrated Git for improved version control
An extensive number of add-ons to further expand the platform’s functionality
Compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows
Easily integrates with suppliers of Software Configuration Management
It runs easily on Node JS


MonoDevelop, developed by Xamarin, shares many of the same capabilities as Visual Studio Code and enables cross-platform programming. MonoDevelop enables rapid development of desktop and online apps for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Significant Characteristics:

Conventional features such as code completion and debugging
Includes Unity, a game engine that enables sophisticated C # development for applications like video games.
C # code completion support
Templates for code and code folding
Multilingual support


Rider is a cross-platform .NET integrated development environment (IDE) part of the JetBrains family of products. The utility works well with IntelliJ and ReSharper.

Significant Characteristics:

Seamlessly integrates with other JetBrains products.
Over 2000 code checks
Hundreds of operations and refactorings in the context
Unity game engine support
Compatibility with both the.NET Framework and.NET Core
Enables the developer to divide the editor horizontally or vertically
Support for TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Sass is built-in.
Compatibility with Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms

Automation Tools

Cake Build

Cake is a C # implementation of the open-source Make build automation tool. In addition to code compilation, Cake uses a C# DSL to move files and directories, compress data, and create NuGet packages.

Significant Characteristics:

Compatible with Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux
Designed to function similarly to other CI systems
MSBuild, xUnit, MSTest, NUnit, NuGet, ILMerge, WiX, and SignTool are all supported build tools.
Extremely extensible


Microsoft introduced MSBuild in 2008. Although not included in the Visual Studio platform, it is a useful addition to your C # development toolset for specific use scenarios, such as developing code projects independently of a solution.

Significant Characteristics:

Because it originated with Microsoft, it was extensively adopted by a large number of Microsoft shops.
Microsoft has integrated it inside Visual Studio to prevent it from being orphaned.
Create numerous projects and setups for a variety of platforms
Develop for Windows 32-bit, x86-bit, x64-bit, or any CPU platform


FinalBuilder is a fantastic commercial building automation solution. FinalBuilder eliminates the need for you to change XML or develop scripts to automate your building process.

Significant Characteristics:

Facilitates development by offering visual debugging.
Defines and debugs your build scripts visually.
Utilizes the Windows scheduler to schedule scripts
Integrates with Continua Continuous Integration, Jenkins, or any other continuous integration server


SemanticMerge comprehends your code and intends to manage it after it has been moved or updated, making it a useful tool for team collaboration.

Significant Characteristics:

Facilitates cooperation and a dispersed development approach
Begin with a structural merging and progress to a more precise text-based merge when problems arise.
Mergers based on structure rather than geography
Addresses language-specific inconsistencies
It prevents automated mergers from being recognized wrongly
Maintains a more readable code and is aware of changes

Testing Tools


ReSharper from JetBrains is a Visual Studio plugin for .NET developers that allow for on-the-fly code quality analysis, error elimination, and safe codebase changes.

Significant Characteristics:

Performs real-time code analysis
Error corrections are made quickly
Assists in the restructuring of complicated codes
Numerous code-editing assistants


OzCode is a Visual Studio plugin for C# that includes strong debugging capabilities, allowing you to focus on development rather than troubleshooting.

Significant Characteristics:

Easily locate and resolve problems directly inside Visual Studio
Excellent compatibility with ReSharper
Using Magic Glance deciphers complicated phrases.
Extensive search, reveal, and comparison capabilities.

All of the C # tools listed above have been tried and evaluated by many developers.
What matters is that you select a tool in which you can place your confidence and rely on developing a solid application. To guarantee your application runs smoothly, you’ll need a dependable Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tool that may assist you in writing better code and deploying apps with fewer mishaps. Try Prefix’s code profiler and be astonished at how it may help you strengthen the code you write and the apps you create!

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